Raising the bar for others, as a Fin-tech entrepreneur is Andreas Vezonik

As the world keeps evolving and keeps growing, showing more developments across so many diverse industries of business, it gives great opportunities of all the youngsters of the world to show their prowess in the same and prove their talents to people showing them the potential to become the next big thing in business. We know of a youngster who has slowly and gradually made his name in the financial world and now on the cusp of gaining world recognition as a rising Fin-Tech entrepreneur; he is Andreas Vezonik.

Making a name for oneself in the tough space of finance and to thrive in the same shows excellent entrepreneurial qualities of Vezonik. This young guy is all of 23 years of age and still displays great intelligence and astute business understanding that has helped to gain more knowledge in the industry and march towards more success with his out of the box ideas and strategies.

Born on September 12, 1996, in Klagenfurt, Austria, Vezonik belonged to an ordinary middle-class family. As he realized that he was born to achieve greater feats in life, he decided to start working at the age of 17. He began working in the network marketing space, then he took the path towards health product companies and later went into the field of banking and finance. As soon as he got into the financial field, he became part of the European corporation, providing basic financial services.

Very soon, he gained a name in the European market by providing financial services to around 25,000 clients leading to sales of $25,000,000. The more growth he saw in his career, the more confidence he developed to open his financial company. This resulted in co-founding a company named “VolumeX” (http://volumex.io) in the year 2018. VolumeX is one of the leaders in the industry by providing forex trading and cryptocurrency services. Vezonik, along with two of his partners, also have made it an educational platform in Europe.

His next venture was “Transfera” (https://transferaapp.com) which offered a variety of different services as an all-in-one package including services like issuing IBAN accounts, MasterCard debit cards, wallet services, cryptocurrency exchange, etc.

However, with so much success coming his way at such a young age, all never came easy for Vezonik. Before becoming the CEO & CFO of both of his firms, Vezonik tried his hand by working at various companies working as a top affiliate. After giving in his 100% in whatever he did, he even made millions in revenues and helped build over 30,000 customers for different companies. The companies he worked with later did not seem to match with the ideas of Vezonik, making certain decisions which Vezonik did not agree to.

However, on speaking how thankful he is still, Vezonik says, “I am thankful for everything these companies gave and taught me to become the person who I am today”. Reaching a higher level of responsibilities made Vezonik become an entrepreneur and find his companies.

Today his company VolumeX is a prominent firm having a presence in 35 countries and have gained a customer base of about 15,000; while he has made Transfera achieve the status of Europe’s first regulated entity.

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