Revolutionized Creativity: Steve Stanulis Brings Independent Films to New Heights

In what many would call a “global shift” due to the novel Coronavirus Pandemic, many industries throughout the world have been forever changed.  Though some may never be the same, those that were able to adapt to the world’s new circumstances look to grow and evolve with the world’s new terms, which undoubtedly include increased safety precautions and social standards.

The film industry however, is experiencing a much different response to the global pandemic.  An industry that was once defined by the “movie theatre experience” is now thriving under new circumstances, circumstances which have bred new life into the art of digital entertainment.

With popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon having already been on the rise prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing have taken the platforms popularity to even greater heights.  Never before has a movie fan or film enthusiast been able to enjoy so much entertainment, from the convenience and comfortability of their own home.

The playing field has truly leveled, providing independent tv shows, films and documentaries the spotlight to thrive like never before.  Consumers and platforms alike are STARVED for content to endulge in, and there has never been a more exciting time for the entertainment industry as there is right now.  Even global powerhouse companies like Apple and Amazon are dying to get their hands on fresh, independent content, chomping at the bit with massive streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

With so much excitement growing within the endless potential of the streaming industry, film makers truly have the opportunity to dominate.  The key to success simply lies within the vision of the project, held by the heart of the projects director.  This is where Steve Stanulis, Founder and CEO of Stanulis Films, takes flight.

A decorated former NYPD Officer and A-List Celebrity security guard, Stanulis has faced challenges throughout his lifetime that many directors will never experience. His unbreakable life experience showcase a level of character that is unmatched in any industry, giving him a clear vision for what it takes to achieve success.

An acclaimed actor himself, Stanulis has starred in many projects such The Sopranos, The Interpreter, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.  Stanulis adds yet another dynamic to his entertainment portfolio as a former Chippendale, and will soon be working on a documentary regarding his experience as one of star Hip Hop Artist Kanye West’s former body guards.

Stanulis Films, established in 2019, brings all of Steve Stanulis experience together to create the ultimate formula for independent film making.  An immediate success, Stanulis Films has earned accolades for producing the 2019 documentary “Wasted Talent,” having won the award for “Best Documentary” in New York’s Independent Film Festival.

Without pause, Stanulis then brought forth the hit film “5th Borough” in 2020, earning Stanulis even more recognition, bringing home the titles of “Best Ensemble Cast” and “Best Drama” in “The Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival.”  Since it’s release the film has also trended top 5 on demand.  With no signs of slowing down, Stanulis Films currently has a 10 picture slate of upcoming projects through 2022. 

The formula to Stanulis success is one that when combined with the right investors, will undoubtedly provide boundless fruit for all those involved to enjoy.  Stanulis Films is dedicated towards providing premium content within all of the company’s projects, by putting a key emphasis on utilizing the right talent and maintaining creative integrity, all while keeping the project’s overall budget within the bare minimum.

The formula, which may seem rather simple, is only as fulfilling as those acting upon it – and there is nobody more dedicated to providing world class production than that of Steve Stanulis. Stanulis adds unmatched vision and experience to the equation, a key component to any project’s success.  With the right investors, the sky truly is the limit.

With a future as bright as the rising sun, Stanulis Films is fully prepared to reach new heights.  With so much to gain the only question remaining is, are you ready to enjoy the ride?

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