Ricky Villanueva: “I always encourage people to follow their dreams and lead fulfilling lives”

They say happiness lies in the act of giving; you can give a lot to society when you live your dreams. You can give money, hope, love, courage, and the will to live. One of the everlasting television series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” taught us how each individual has dreams of her own and not giving up has its benefits. Chandler realized his dream of making a career in advertising after being a high-profile data analyst, Ross always dreamed of finding his true love, Monica wanted to have children, Rachel to live life on her terms, Phoebe to live unpretentiously and Joey to become a celebrity star. What is striking is that each of the characters consistently pursued their dreams no matter what life threw at them. And perhaps this unrelenting pursuit made their friendship so pure and strong. Millionaire salesman Ricky V follows suit and encourages all to pursue their passions and give a reason to all to believe in the power of dreams.

Power of Selling 

Dropping out of school at the young age of 13 years, Ricky V took up all kinds of odd jobs to get back to school and complete his education. On the road, he stumbled upon his true calling towards sales by chance and since then he has never looked back. His power of networking, strong client relationship, convincing power works to his benefit to make a true salesman. Recounting his greatest win to date, Ricky V opens up on his breakthrough opportunity. “I was presented with an opportunity for a new network marketing company in November 2019. I launched it on December 1, 2019. I became the fastest and youngest millionaire of the company by my 8th month. In 12 months, we grew a team of 100,000 representatives, 350,000 customers, and over $80,000,000 in sales.”

More Than Just the Lure of Money 

More Ricky V salesmanship is much more than making a hefty pay check. It makes him feel alive as the work involves speed and momentum and for Ricky V, a life lived in the fast lane gives him all the adrenaline rush to give meaning and a sense of purpose to his existence. Nonetheless, Ricky V is also a firm believer in self-development and consistently seeks new ways to grow and develop. “ I went on a journey of reading books and listening to powerful audios and putting in the time to work on ME. I fell in love with that and I also fell in love with teaching people what I know,” mentions Ricky V as he takes pride in what he has achieved in life till now. He inspires others to follow what their hearts say and have faith in the power of destiny to reach the ultimate goal.

An immigrant from Peru, Ricky V could not even communicate in English when he hit American soil. But what can stop a man who is ready to break all barriers to get what he dreams of? Ricky V spends his leisure time with his wife and four children.

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