Rinku Sharma: The Internet Marketing Guru’s Journey to Success

Rinku Sharma, who goes by “Digital Rinku” on YouTube has been in the internet marketing game for almost a decade and his channel has amassed over 4.5 lakh views.

The Delhi-based marketer is originally from the district of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. Since his move to this industry he has helped many people in starting a livelihood online and setting up stable passive sources of income.

He comes from humble beginnings and was born into a family where making ends meet was a constant struggle. Very early in his life the financial strain reached a point where his parents had no choice but to separate themselves from their child and send Rinku away to live with his maternal uncle in Palampur.

He reminisces, “I must’ve been merely 8-9 months old when I started living away from my parents. Getting to see my parents was once a year affair. I used to visit my parents when my school’s summer holidays were on.”

In 1982, Rinku’s father shifted to Delhi in search of a better life, and after he found a job, Rinku’s mother and younger sister relocated to Delhi as well.

When Rinku turned 18, he moved out of his uncle’s place and came to Delhi to live with his parents and lend a hand in their livelihood. He spent his schooldays and college life at Jamia alone and friendless so he could save money.

He and his family used to work in the Meethapur area of Delhi, and had to fill Kachris for almost ten hours to earn wages and get by.

He was able to climb out this dark place through his brains and hardwork.

He had been studious at school and had become proficient in maths. He used to help out his sister in schoolwork and slowly he started teaching more and more kids.

After a while of giving tuitions, he stumbled upon the “Golden Key”.

This Golden Key was digital marketing. But this key didn’t just fall into his lap, and didn’t just magically open all doors. He had to work hard – sometimes 22 hours in a day – to just find the key. And after finding it, he had to search for doors that would open.

When he was contemplating making the switch to this industry, he got unconditional support from his parents who never once tried to hold him back or discourage him.

Rinku Sharma has dedicated his work towards introducing people to greater possibilities, so they don’t have to go through the same struggles as he did.

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