Rising Trainers in 2021


With Ontario going into another lockdown, we decided to feature some of the top coaches and trainers across the province!  We have compiled a list of some notable trainers in the province that need to be recognized for the work they have been doing with their clients.

With lockdowns hitting, gyms closing, these trainers decided to pivot fast. They went from doing 1-on-1 personal training sessions in a gym to online coaching through Skype and facetime.  Of course, it’s no easy task especially considering the lack of equipment and resources but all successful people know how to adapt, improvise and make the most of what they have available.

Santi @Santiago.fitness

Santiago was born in Colombia and lived in America as well before immigrating to Canada. Before he started coaching, he worked with his father for years for his cabinet business. Santi works under the guidance of William Pope. He has always been into fitness but didn’t see results until he learned proper dieting and training methods with his coach Billy. “It changed my life.”

He is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has recently been hired to the Hammer Fitness gym which will be launching exclusively in St Catharines Ontario on May 1, 2021.

He will be taking on a team lead position and do in-person training on top of online coaching. His goal is to teach everyone around him to level up both mentally and physically the way that he did through fitness. “I am walking proof that genetics doesn’t matter. You can change your body composition with the right guidance and knowledge.”

manthefupVlad Krymov

This young personal trainer and fitness coach has been in Canada for a few short years, originally from Ukraine. Vlad decided to become a trainer after having spent years trying to change his body. He graduated as a mechanical engineer and applied his knowledge of physics to building bodies instead of homes. He has since helped change the lives of hundreds of people.

Vlad started working at the age of 14 and immigrated from Ukraine to Canada at the age of 18. He worked two jobs during college to make ends meet all while training and maintaining his ripped physique. “Hard work taught me how to achieve something in life. When you want something, nothing can stop you from achieving it.”

Ben Bacquain @BenBeFit

Ben works under the guidance of William Pope. His career path has been anything but linear. He went from finding interest in automotive as a mechanic to working for the government defending the border to finding his now, ultimate passion. His passion for health, wellness, and nutrition as a coach and athlete. He is a certified personal trainer with the Institute of Sports Medicine.

Recently hired to the Hammer Fitness gym which will be launching exclusively in St Catharines Ontario on May 1, 2021. He will be taking on a team lead position as a trainer. His quote that he lives by is ‘Don’t stop until you’re proud” because he is always hungry for success. His future goals include changing the lives of as many people as possible through shaping their bodies and strengthening their minds.

manthefupJosh Cooperband

Josh is a National level men’s physique competitor, who recently took a leap of faith to leave his secure full-time job to pursue coaching full time after rapid success in his first 6 months. Josh is an Elite Coaching System student. He is currently being mentored by Amer Kamra owner of Hammer Fitness and Jase Stevens of Man the F Up. Josh has an extremely bright future in both competing and coaching.

Brent Fudge


Brent is a 50-year old online coach with an insanely ripped physique. Brent has competed at the highest level in the sport of Men’s Physique and came close to earning an elusive IFBB Pro Card. He has an incredible amount of experience in the gym, and coaching clients across Canada.

Brent practices what he preaches, he is in shape 365 days a year. All while having 6 kids and even grandchildren. He is an instructor at Elite Coaching Systems.

One thing is that these guys all have in common aside from their incredible transformations is that they all walk the walk and live the lifestyle of being fit, healthy, and in great shape. They all walk around with a shredded physique 365 days a year.

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