Sander Dekker Shares His Journey To Success And Happiness

Sander Dekker is a young entrepreneur and founder of the company Happy Success, a digital marketing agency. Sander is from Kampen, The Netherlands, and worked a few nine-to-five jobs as an adult before deciding to start his own business. His agency is based out of Holland and works with people across many industries.

Sander believes that for individuals to be productive in whatever line of work theyre in, they must enjoy the process of working. Instead of being too focused on the outcome of work, they must learn to cherish the process as its the most important aspect of productivity. Sander further notes that most people want many things but often disregard enjoying the process as they become more concentrated on the goal.

Being focused on ones goal is extremely important, especially in organizations, as its a key element to reaching the collective targets of the group. However, for Sander, people will not be able to savor the taste of the success of getting what they want if theyre too exhausted from the process. To avoid being stressed by the process of reaching a goal, he suggests people must learn not to be too hard on themselves when they struggle to obtain the desired outcomes.

Years ago when Sander was a day worker himself, he had a hard time figuring out the tasks in the job he actually enjoyed doing. For him, doing something important is great, but doing something youre passionate about is even better. For this reason, he decided to leave his job and look for some other line of work where he could devote his efforts. It was quite a journey for Sander, and when he finally found marketing, he instantly knew he had found his niche.

Sander stumbled upon the world of marketing after reading a book about sales and researching other relevant ideas about it. He became passionate about business and marketing, and set a goal to learn more about this industry. Sander found another job, but he would start his day by learning about marketing and sales. After some time, he quit his job as he was exhausted due to learning the business of marketing while working.

Leaving his job meant losing financial security and a stable income, and this became a challenge for Sander to do well in his next journey. He used whatever savings he had and trusted in himself to finally start his own business. Sander took inspiration from his father, who worked hard all his life but hated his regular job. His father then decided to start his own business which inspired Sander to create Happy Success.

Through his company, Happy Success, Sander has made his dreams come true, which was earning money while doing meaningful things. Through his Facebook andInstagram accounts, he shares what the company can do for other people and businesses in terms of boosting their marketability. In the years to come, Sander hopes to keep his companys vision of helping people find happiness with their success.

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