Sanket Reddy: Exploring Your True Self With Nature by Peeking Through Viewfinder.

Mr. Sanket Reddy hails from Bangalore and he is well known in not just the business community but also outside of it. People recognize him not just for his skills as a business person but also for his humanitarian efforts, the details of which is often limited only to his close circle. But in this article, we are going to talk more about his photography today.

An artist by heart and businessman by profession, Sanket started his journey of venturing into the wild very early on and that adventure further led him to explore life through a viewfinder. On starting nature photography, he said that it was his parents who introduced him to the nature and wildlife very early on and he credits them for that.

Sanket has been pursuing nature photography for the last 15 years and has travelled extensively around the globe in search of the less explored regions, exquisite species and pristine landscape. He has been active and instrumental in many conservation activities addressing issues at the grass-root level. His work has been featured and used by major wildlife magazines and documentary production houses of the likes of Animal Planet and others.

As of now, Sanket is currently working on one of a kind coffee table book that is due to be out for the interested audience by mid or late this year. In this interview, he for the first time discusses publicly about the book and let us in on a sneak peek about what he intends to communicate through this book. He intends to reach out to a large audience and communicate the ways of Mother Nature and interlink it to people’s lives. By establishing this connection, he tries to show how our every problem or hurdle has a solution if we look deep enough and connect with Mother Nature.

With his combination of imagery & narrative, he aims to interlink each individual’s lives with the ways of Mother Nature & strongly believes that the future of today’s environmental crisis lies in creating an everlasting bond between Man & Nature.

His works have an element of divinity attached to it and each of his photos is a proof that he can see what no one else could. Look at this post which would probably look normal to you but it has a deep message, a value filter that should not be ignored. It shows that, doesn’t matter how minuscule or large and intelligent a species is; on this blue planet, we all are struggling to understand the life and figuring it out in our own way. Sanket perfectly fits the category of the artist archetype.

Talking about his photographs and their reach, he said that “it is important that your photographs reach the right audience and I have been lucky since I got chance to work with some well accomplished photographers and more importantly with people who have dedicated their lives to make sure that this planet is given a fighting chance to survive the wrath of us humans and with the help of digital platforms like Instagram or yours, it is possible that your work could reach millions of audience. Validation is important as it strengthens your feedback loop but at the same time, it is also very important that you do not get carried away.”

On asking that what is that one thing we can learn from nature and photography, he said, “Spending most of the times, outside in the nature teaches you the art of patience because sometimes, it takes time to get that perfect shot; sometimes even years but it is all worth it in the end and it also teaches you humility”.

It was great talking to Sanket as he walked us through his journey in photography and provided us with great insights about what nature can teach us. We are eagerly waiting for the coffee table book that he is going to launch this year and wish him all the best for his upcoming projects. To view his amazing work, do visit his Instagram profile @isanketreddy and follow him.

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