Say Hello to DeForm

From the former Lead Dev Advocate at Alchemy, the most powerful set of web3 APIs to build and scale dApps, comes a new tool for Web3 project developers. Albert Hu created DeForm which provides Web3 forms and surveys for token-enabled communities. This relatively new platform has already gained trust in the community with users like ENS Domains, Alchemy Platform, and City DAO among others. 

DeForm can create allowlists, event registrations, product feedback, structure DAO governance and voting, conduct DeFi analysis, and market surveys. The platform essentially automates Web3 research workflows. As Founding Engineer, Albert Hu built the core features across the tech stack and also helps with marketing and sales.

Previously, Albert was the Lead Developer Advocate at Alchemy where he onboarded tens of thousands of Web3 developers using the Road to Web3 and Alchemy University educational programs. He also grew the Alchemy YouTube channel from 1K to 10K subscribers using tutorials for smart contract development. 

Albert and his team are continually building more options and the DeForm twitter is filled with regular updates of added features.

Web3 companies, creators, and communities that want help identifying their audience and understanding their community may want to look into the platform. Some example use cases would be live event feedback, new product waitlists, job applications, access gating and more.




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