Scorpio’s Productions LLC Presents Mso Scorpio’s New Single, “Want from Me.”

Popularly called Mr. Vibe with a Vibe Himself, Detrick K. Miller, a.k.a. Mso Scorpio, has recently released his latest single, “Want from Me” on all streaming platforms. The hip-hop and pop artist has also organized a social media challenge called Sheesh Challenge to drive traction and traffic to his craft.

Mso Scorpio, whose goal is to connect with music lovers that appreciate his music and can hear his heart in his songs, is all about creating music the way he knows how to. In his words, “I am not like anybody else. All I do is make music, stay in my lane and do my thang my way. My music is me.”

The Mso Scorpio brand came to life from a desire to build a superstar brand known for a unique musical sound. “It’s been a long time coming but slowly, the brand is getting there,” he said. He established Scorpio’s Productions to give his musical career the platform it needs to thrive in the cut-throat entertainment industry.

Before taking his music career full time, Mso Scorpio spent eight years in the theatre acting and doing spoken word and poetry performances. He did that till he was 20 and has found some of the things he learned useful in his music.

The entire Scorpio’s Productions LLC and Mso Scorpio were built to change the narrative in the music scene. Many artists were doing the same thing and sounding the same, and Detrick wanted to change that. His confidence that success is attainable made him go for the kill and build his brands.

His five-year goal is to become a successful musician and record label executive. Scorpio’s Production has ongoing plans to evolve from just Mso Scorpio’s talent management company into a full studio that houses a recording studio, cinema, and entertainment house.

Detrick Miller’s watchword is optimism, as he never dwells on who he is or what he’s currently going through. “I’m all about what I can become rather than what I am at any moment. It’s an ongoing race of improving myself,” he noted. Most of Mso Scorpio’s influence to become a musician was from his father, who was an R&B musician when he was a boy.

Since the pandemic hit the world, it has been a tough challenge for Scorpio’s Productions LLC and Mso Scorpio to build a sustainable brand. Very recently, the company began to gain clarity and Mso Scorpio has a theatrical music video in the works.

The Mso Scorpio brand is on an upward trajectory to hit fame in the mainstream music industry. Getting to that point requires not just talents but self-belief, a quality that Detrick embodies in abundance. “I want to become a prominent artist and seeing where I come from and the struggle I have experienced, I never want to experience all of that again. That’s why the brand is maintaining a solid strategy and deploying everything in the arsenal to get to the top,” he said..

Learn more about Scorpio’s Productions on the website or stream Mso Scorpio’s songs on SoundCloud.

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