Serial Entrepreneur Christine Bullock on Disrupting the Beauty and Wellness Industry

From a young age, Christine Bullock has had an entrepreneurial spirit. She chuckles recalling starting lemonade stands at 8 years old and working 3 jobs to put herself through college. Her hard work paid off, and for 15 years, Bullock was one of the most sought after models and trainers in the industry. She traveled the world training women, creating workout programs, and working with the best brands in beauty. Though her career took her down many paths, she continually returned to her passion for the body, and a holistic approach to wellness and beauty.

Due to her deep involvement in the world of beauty, she was amongst the first to realize a major gap in the industry. “I realized that while there was no limit to luxury skincare products for the face, there seemed to be a huge lack of quality products for the body,” says Christine. Armed with this realization, Christine set out to go where no other person in the industry had gone before and began developing Face Grade®️ body care products. The next few years were a whirlwind as publications around the nation caught wind of the trademark and began naming Face Grade Body Care®️ the hottest trend of the season. Christine continued to create clean, quality, luxury body care that was effective enough for the face, yet formulated for the body. During this time, she never ceased to listen to her audience and what they needed most. Her desire was to offer them the full range of health and beauty products she herself found to be effective at age defense, so she added a range of high-performance clean supplements along with a digital platform of workouts.

Today, Christine is a successful entrepreneur and mother of two, she runs multiple businesses while still finding time to prioritize her own health and wellbeing. She shares her top tips for disrupting the industry and making any entrepreneurial endeavor a success.

Base your business on your passion. As an entrepreneur, running a business and being the face of a brand is a 24/7 job. If you want to stick with the ups and downs, you need to live and breathe your work, simply put: it has to be your passion. As a mother of two young daughters, Christine has realized how important loving the work is, as it requires her to break away from her girls for more time than she prefers. Fortunately, Christine realized early on that her life’s mission is to help people to realize that health is easier to attain than they think, and being healthy will make them happier, more present, better able to serve their families and communities around them.

Know your brand inside and out. For Christine, this was especially important because before she created Kayo, she WAS the brand. In order to reach her goals, she had to first understand herself. Early in her career, she attended a television hosting class, hoping to improve her speaking skills. The instructor emphasized the importance of knowing one’s brand. Whether your brand is entertainment, technology, sports, it was vital to understand what it is you stood for. At that moment, Christine realized that all of her passions centered around her love for the body and unlocking wellness from the inside out. As she built her business, it was clear that she deeply understood herself, and that translated to authenticity that has resonated with customers to this day. “If you don’t know your own brand, you can’t expect your customers to know it either.”

Be financially strategic. For years, Christine kept her day job while she worked on producing fitness videos and her product line. She saved as much as she could in order to invest back into her business. “Starting a business looks different for everyone, and the chances are, it’s not nearly as glamorous as some people make it out to be, put in the hard work, save your money, and you’ll get there.”

When the time is right, ask for help. According to Christine, women are usually the last to ask for outside investment. Women hold on to full control of their companies, for probably too long, without being willing to open themselves up to investment. If the timing is right, be open to bringing in an outside investor. This can provide your business with much-needed access to external wisdom, experience, and the financial boost that may be needed to take your business to the next level.

Digitize your business. If the last year taught us nothing else, it is that technology is crucial to running a successful business. No matter what your industry is, technology is so important. Christine is always looking for ways to evolve her business to utilize tech in order to increase awareness and improve her offerings.

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