Serial Entrepreneur, Robert Zoppa Shares His Past to Keep Others From Making The Same Mistakes.

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Seeking out a mentor can be a process. Those in need for a guide along the path to success in their respective fields should look for someone with a demonstrated history. But advice and techniques to balance the stressors associated with that journey are also necessary. A past that encouraged them to strive for more can also build trust. Fortunately for physicians, Dr. Robert Zoppa is just that. 

Those who participate in his coaching program feel more empowered and positive to reach their professional goals. But thanks to his own history, Dr. Zoppa has a connection to those who need the support and advice of a coach and mentor. He is exactly who many aspiring physicians need to become their best.

A Professional Journey Shaped by an Unhappy Childhood

As a child, Dr. Zoppa grew up in an unhappy home with parents who were far from supportive. That’s how he began working in a hospital — to make enough money to live independently from his toxic family.

With time and a lot of hard work, and even after battling addiction, he became a doctor and a thriving businessman and then launched ‘7 Figure Medical Practices’ to teach other physicians with similar backgrounds how to scale up their practice for higher earnings. 

Dr. Zoppa’s passion now is being a freelance medical writer, specializing in medical practitioner burnout and addiction.  He is also Managing Partner of Limelight Media Canada among other positions. 

After achieving so much success, he wanted to offer others, similar to himself, the same opportunity. But first, he became a qualified coach for all kinds of issues and ailments that his clients might face under the pressures they endure daily.

As a coach certified in stress, sleep, business, and life among other certifications, Dr. Zoppa has the perfect combination of knowledge and expertise to aid anyone experiencing burnout or addiction. 

Because he understands the toll each mental ailment can take, Dr. Zoppa can help others avoid the same mistakes he made while striving for new heights. Though the medical field can be a frustrating and challenging one, he uses several approaches for those he coaches to ensure they meet their goals. 

Zoppa’s Newest Program Coaches Doctors into a Healthier Lifestyle

Through his latest program, Recover & Thrive Coaching Academy, Dr. Zoppa helps doctors confront and cope with the stress they encounter in their daily work life.

Even dealing with stress can be anxiety-inducing for those who do not have skills or practices in place for handling it. That plays a part in why burnout and addiction occur so frequently. Furthermore, the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis of overcrowded hospitals has added even more stressors to the daily lives of doctors everywhere. 

While doctors might feel uncomfortable seeing a colleague for their condition, Recover & Thrive provides a safe space and an understanding atmosphere. There, doctors should never feel judged or ashamed. The process is so positive and helpful. In fact, Dr. Zoppa’s coaching can help ward off the negative effects of the workplace as well.

In Recover & Thrive, Dr. Zoppa upholds three pillars to create good relationships with those he coaches. Validation is the first characteristic of his approach to coaching, and it is a vital one at that. Allowing clients to feel seen and heard helps eliminate any feelings of doubt or shame they may have going into the program. 

But validation is not a passive activity. So, actively listening to doctors in the program is another very important key to positive progress. Finally, transparency is another component of his coaching that makes it so powerful.

Without honesty from both participants in the coaching program, his client’s progress will be more difficult to make. Being open and fluid allows for mistakes and missteps to be addressed rather than hidden. 

Through these three components, clients can feel the shared experience and understanding that Dr. Zoppa has to offer. With a relationship such as that, he can help foster healthy habits and happier life for those he coaches through his latest program. 

About Robert Zoppa

A former doctor, Robert Zoppa is now a freelance medical writer, and the founder of Recover & Thrive Coaching Academy, which helps entrepreneurs and medical professionals recover from burnout and addiction. Visit his LinkedIn profile to learn more. Also, please visit his Instagram account at @therobzoppa1.

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