SHAHID SHARIF – The Man Who Gained Success Through Hardships, Failures and Struggles.

Challenges are a part of life. Everyone has to go through challenges in order to survive properly and do whatever they like. In the current times, there is a charm in following your idols and becoming like them. But originality is what it takes to become a unique blend of individuality.  

Only few have the braveries to step aside from what’s desired by others, to do something that they like. One of these few people is Mr. Shahid Sharif, a 29-year-old brilliant entrepreneur who has set out to become an inspiration for millions of people around the world.  

Shahid Sharif was just another ordinary Pakistani boy like any otheruntil one day he decided to dig big in the IT sector. He was raised in a small backward village of Kasur District in Pakistan.

When Shahid was in 9th grade, he got his first ever PC which was aPentium 2 model. According to him, his relation with his PC as an infatuation you feel for a lover. Despite of getting a heavy antagonism from his family, Shahid, never stopped believing in himself and went onto pursue what he loved.

He further moved to the city of Lahore, Pakistan so that he could pursue his Intermediate education and get a degree in B.Sc. Computer Science.

The city of Lahore also provided Shahid with career expansion opportunities and a pathway for his growth.

Today, Mr. Shahid Sharif also known as Shahid Zaki, is a successful entrepreneur and runs a successful multidimensional company, Frame Hype LLP.

The company aims at providing branding, designing, developing and social media marketing services to its numerous national and international clients. Mr. Shahid Zaki personally handles Social Media Marketing and Management branch of the company. Managing his clients on different social media platforms (like, Facebook, YouTube) and helping attract audience onto their client’s profile is one of his major responsibilities.

Coming from an economically weak family background, Mr. Shahid Zaki had to face many hardships in order to reach where he is today. He understands the helplessness of those who have a similar kind of background. Therefore, today Mr. Shahid Sharif is planning rigorously to make an ecosystem for supporting the IT startups

He is presently working on starting a system where they look for content creators in remote areas. They hunt for people who keep the power or desire to change the world through their work. Frame Hypecompany then provides them with all the required resources and opportunities that would further highlight their skills and talents.

We are trapped in a world where fakeness, hunger, poverty, lack of resources, abandonment and fear are daily life instances. In order to completely curb this state of the world someone has to come forward and support people who don’t have access to some basic life standards including education.

Mr. Shahid Sharif could be our next hero to take a step in removing all the hurdles in the career pathway of many individuals who belong to remote areas and have an inaccessibility to resources and finances. You can get in touch with Mr. Shahid Zaki on Facebook.

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