Singing Oracle and Gem of Millions of Hearts: Syed Ali

Singing is the genetically inherited trait to right people that have a beautiful voice gifted by god. But the stars polish and refine it by hard work, practice and learning. Having total control on your voice and playing with the voice pitch and frequency is the game that successful vocalists and singers master.

Syed Ali is undoubtedly one of those singers who has done a lot of hard work on his voice and sings beautifully. He is the singer of the north Indian music tradition. Born and raised in Norway this young artist has been an admirer of Guru Shri Lal Sahejpal (a well-reputed Musician and Music Teacher in Norway).

He attended music at Oslo School of Music and arts and is a brilliant and active performer appearing alongside other bands. This Norwegian artist has worked with different producers like Alwynne Pritchard, Nymussik, Samspill International Music network and Toni Usman for Westerdls Oslo School Of Arts.

How Syed Ali Started This Melodious Journey


Syed started singing at a very early age as he was inclined to music since that time. He used to sing religious Sufi poetry at local events and gatherings as he was a great admirer and fan of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He is the follower of the qawwali tradition established by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and inspired by this great singer.

Syed Ali also got a lot of inspiration from Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu and Sonu Nigham. When you listen to his songs and music, you can feel the connection as he tries to reach these voices’ simplicity. You can feel shades of these fabulous singers in this artist as he considers these singers his ideals and mentors.

One day after coming across some heavy Indian traditional classical music albums of people like Joshi Bhimsen, Girja Devi, Bismillah Khan, and many others Ali got involved and lost in those masterpieces of music. He felt for these and many more genius musicians and developed an urge to learn Indian classical music.

Raising in Norway, he did not have many options; there was no music school teaching Indian classical music. However, he did manage to get in touch with a private teacher and well-known Indian musician living in Norway, Shri Lal Sahajpal and has been learning music from him ever since.

Type Of Music Ali Loves

Syed did also develop a taste for more modern Indo-Pak music like ghazals and contemporary Asian pop music. The wish to mix modern pop music with the Indian classical singing style eventually led him to work with hip hop music producer Morgan Kornmo.

In 2018 Syed released his first solo after a lot of hard work with the best from two worlds. He is currently working on several exciting projects and will soon release more songs for everyone to enjoy.

Current Projects Of Syed Ali

He is currently working on a collaboration with Gunjan Singh, a famous Indian singer now living in the USA. For the past few years, Gunjan has been performing all around the world doing tours and shows with favourite Bollywood artists like Sonu Nigam, Asha Bhosle, KK, Sunidhi Chauhan, Udit Narayan, Atif Aslam and many more.

Travelling worldwide for stage performances and collaborations with artists Gujan has now hooked up with Syed Ali, and both of these marvellous singers will bang up some smashing hits. Ali is also working on some singles that may be on air shortly. So stay tuned.

An accurate singing oracle makes their songs an everlasting memory for their listeners. A good singer is not only itself a star, but it supports the entire music industry from the guitarist to the person on the keyboard, the lyrist and the drummer. All these people are uplifted when song and music become successful.

Ali Chased His Dreams To Reality

Youth inspired by the fame and extravagant lifestyle ofsingers dream of becoming part of this substantial alluring singing industry. Syed Ali dreamed of becoming a singer and chased his dreams as he worked hard to prove himself assingers do. He makes his only way as an emerging new face and distinguishes himself from the rest of the singing industry.

He was all alone when he entered in this field but now have a massive family of fans on Instagram and social media. He is humble and headstrong, which is the ultimate need of this evolving and arbitrating field.

Singing is not as easy as it seems to be. People thought it is just a number game. You have to play with music and done. You have to mould yourself for all the working attributes a singer requires in such a bright new crop, and Ali did this very well.

The people who have some know-how about singing say singers have developed a second skin to face many rejections and judgments being imposed on them. To overcome this, you must have a strong mentality and positive behaviour, and Syed Ali has all this as a submissive, assertive personality.

No one can match Syed Ali when it comes to runway mileage in this continually evolving field. Being part of the extravagant lifestyle, he is becoming a fashion icon with exhibiting a unique sense of fashion in his every song.

Dedication And Devotion Did The Job For Ali

As a singer, Syed Ali has physical attractiveness and the ability to maintain his graceful and elegant appearance through long, strict working hours. Song recording and video making is a great responsibility for a singer and is not a simple task. But Ali has managed all things exceptionally well.

He has also worked with other models, directors, photographers, designers for their successful highlights and representation of the brand. He has a trait to work well with others, listen carefully to the directions. This trait of him makes him a successful singer.

Being a singer, he participates in various shows and concerts. His lovely voice and beautiful style engages the audience entirely. Ali manages all his travels and projects nicely and can work even have minimal downtime when landing in a new place.

Ali Loves His Listeners

On Instagram, he has a family where he posts his videos regularly. Each track he sings is so involving. He always gets ready to accept fans and haters review, and for this, he has a section on his website where people can freely give their review and mail him.

He says I accept both haters and lovers, haters motivate me to work better, and lovers are my strength always.

Making a long story short, he is a superstar. He is singing oracle; he is a gem of thousands of hearts in a short time and now works for the betterment of humanity.

Syed Ali Official Website

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