Steven Giordano & Family First Life: Helping Agents Achieve Financial Freedom

While the thought of this happening is enough to make anyone’s stomach turn, it’s a reality many families have faced. The harsh economic climate has left many families’ futures hanging in the balance and left millions of people stressed and scared of the future.

Steven Giordano, the owner of Family First Life Health & Wealth, believes it doesn’t have to be this way. With his team’s knowledge and expertise, they provide sound advice to individuals and their families looking for life insurance coverage to protect themselves against unforeseen risks.

Steven of Family First Life Health & Wealth has been the number one producer within the Family First Life franchise for the past three years. His team has several hall of fame producers and vice presidents. On average, this team protects about 650K families monthly and is on track to increase that number to 1M.

Family First Life Health & Wealth has helped over 35 agents become 6-figure earners over the last three years. Steve’s  goal is to expand his team and help more agents achieve financial freedom while doing meaningful work for families around the country.

Steve understands the frustrations that come with an unfulfilling job all too well because he’s lived that life. A self-motivated individual, he started working in the hospitality industry at 15 and dedicated the next 22 years to his career.

However, Steve was beginning to get frustrated by the time he found life insurance. He’d reached the highest ranks in the industry, and there weren’t many positions he could be promoted to. The lack of upward mobility translated to capped earnings and less control over his time.

Life insurance offered Steve more income, flexibility, and scalability. After trying it out part-time for two months, he took the plunge and left the hospitality industry. His mentors at Family First Life guided him through the company’s structure, and gave him access to its systems.

Steve’s work ethic and the support offered by Family First Life catalyzed his success in the life insurance space and distinguished him from the other agents in the organization. He helped protect over 700 families in his first year and 1,300 the second year and has consistently improved his numbers since then.

As an agency owner, his goal is always to help the team achieve similar success and exceed it. He’s passionate about mentorship and training his agents, equipping and empowering them to achieve financial freedom, and help more families. His agency’s primary objective is to help the team achieve physical and financial wellness, which improves service delivery to the families they provide with coverage.

Steve believes a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of a successful business and helping his team achieve that remains his top most priority. His current goal is to acquire a strategic partnership with Integrity Marketing Group, the leading independent life and health insurance product distributor. That will give the company access to a more extensive network and infrastructure that will enhance its service delivery and help it improve more lives through life insurance.

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