Success The Hertelendy Way

Compromise isn’t in Hertelendy Vineyards’ vocabulary. From the quality of the grapes, to the tradition of wine-making to the aging process, Ralph Hertelendy is securing his brand by being focused on quality over quantity. When you are the best at what you do, who can tell you how to do your job? 

Even in the heart of wine country in Napa Valley, Hertelendy Vineyards has been standing out against the crowd of winemakers since 2013. They lead with distinction and a product not many can match. Many wineries have found ways to cut costs for a greater profit, but Ralph knows better than this.

The work that is put into the process is an art within itself. Nothing can be compared to or substituted for the amount of dedication and standard that is poured out at Hertelendy Vineyards. Keeping quality at the forefront of their production, timing has played a crucial role in the success of the wines. 

Prioritizing a long aging process is an age-old method that most wineries have forgone in favor of faster production. However, as the saying goes, aging like fine wine is what Hertelendy has specialised in since their creation in 2013. An aging period of twenty-three months for their reds, this allows them to deliver that intoxicating aroma and distinguished taste their Cabernet is famous for.

In touch with the modern day wine connoisseur, they are aware of the shift in quality. But it’s the attention to the little details like timing that has a sip of their Russian River Valley Chardonnay tasting just as crisp, tropical, and refreshing as it has for years.  

Founded on the principle of terroir and soil quality, Hertelendy Vineyards prides itself on grapes planted in volcanic soil. Having proved to produce the best grapes for wine, Hertelendy Vineyards has set their sights on a vision that hasn’t been explored.

Nestled in the idyllic planting grounds 35 feet below the Howell Mountain AVA, this provides a wine with both a valley rich flavour for their reds and crisp clean taste for their chardonnays. The bodied taste of their Bordeaux varieties can be credited to the mountain fruits of their surrounding areas such as Oakville, Pritchard Hill, and Atlas Peak.

Their Chardonnay hails from the legendary Ritchie Vineyards. Just a sliver of what makes Hertelendy wines truly great, taking advantage of their surroundings, has proven beneficial in terms of the quality Hertelendy is able to provide. 

Coming from an ancient history of wine artistry, the Hertelendy name is synonymous with wine excellence. His great uncle, Gábor Hertelendy, excelled at a winemaking task that proves difficult even when compared to today’s advancements.

Working with Kéknyelű, a non self-pollinating plant, he managed to not only make wine, but thrive off it as well. This is the legacy that the name Hertelendy rests on, perseverance through any means necessary. By adapting to the evolving world of wine, Hertelendy’s skillset is evident off of their history alone. 

Offering exclusive memberships is just one the ways that Hertelendy has set a new standard in client retention. Limiting the quantity and releases of certain wines has increased client interest and therefore, lets clients feel as if they are privy to insiders’ information in regards to their wine.

Implementing a level of exclusivity, it allows Hertelendy to provide a level of luxury that is available solely through their memberships. Keeping the classic tone of grace, elegance, and sophistication; they have their eyes set on the preservation of wine culture and alike.

Winning several accolades such as Gold at Texsom and Best in Class Double Gold at Sunset International Wine Competition, Hertelendy has been embraced by the wine world with open arms. Alongside wine-making consultant Phillip Corallo-Titus, Ralph Hertelendy continues to elevate the word wine in every sense. 

Hertelendy Vineyards dominate the wine world and have earned their place at the top. The tradition of quality began from old world artisan wine-making of prior generations. This is the new standard for winemaking, the new way is diluted and lacking in quality, but Ralph has made a way to retain the integrity of wine regardless of any pressures to change.

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