Succulenty Has Created Instagram’s Biggest Community of Succulent Lovers – Here’s The Secret To Its Success

Haven’t we all known that house plants can bring benefits for our overall well-being for years now?

The internet is full of articles about how not only greenery enhances your home’s overall appearance, but it can also boost moods, increase air quality, improve creativity and reduce stress. Essentially, plants don’t just look good, they help us to feel good too, and that’s where Succulenty comes into play.

Are you one of the people who loves the idea of keeping plants in your home, but are deterred by the idea that they’re difficult to look after? Then you’re certainly not alone! Hey – it’s 2022 and we all live busy lives. Nobody wants to add additional chores to their daily grind! With that in mind, it isn’t too difficult to see why so many people shy away from developing green fingers and investing in plants to adorn their rooms.

That’s why Succulenty has set out to change that concept and to bust the myths of complex-to-care-for houseplants. As one of America’s best-known brands specialising in rare succulent varieties, Succulenty has made it its mission to bring greater awareness of the benefits that this particular variety of houseplants can bring. The brand has even established a succulent-loving community on the Instagram platform that has continued to grow and thrive, with more than 400,000 loyal followers at the present time – pretty impressive considering that the business has only been in operation for two years.

So, where has the Succulenty brand come from, and how has it achieved its current position?

Succulenty – A Potted History

The seeds of Succulenty were sown during the COVID-19 pandemic, when David Fleurant began to grow tired of his dull and uninspiring interiors and decided to seek out ways to make his lockdown environment more appealing. Having decided that some greenery was just what he needed to spruce his interiors up, David went online to research different varieties and, lo-and-behold – what should catch his eye, but the variety known as succulents.

He was immediately drawn in by the unusual nature of these resilient plants that are so beautiful and yet so simple to care for, and he was even more engaged by the exuberant world he found within the succulent community. He was especially impressed by the unique properties that succulents have to offer that help to improve physical and mental well-being for the humans who share their spaces.

He discovered that succulents remove toxins from the indoor air, and humidify it through the release of moisture to prevent skin and throat dryness. He was also fascinated to learn that succulents release oxygen during the night instead of carbon dioxide like most other plants, and so they can help us to sleep more soundly. Furthermore, succulents have medicinal properties to treat cuts, burns, joint pains and stomach aches, and can even promote good mental and emotional health by boosting focus, productivity, happiness and positivity. Who wouldn’t want to have a plant that can do all that in their home?

Keen to share his new-found passion with others being forced to remain indoors for extended periods of lockdown, he shared his ideas with his friend Dev Chakravarti and the pair decided that there was a gap in the market to create and deliver better products for this positive and joyful community and to raise greater awareness of the niche so more people could explore it.

So, Succulenty sprouted and began to grow, and today it isn’t just a business, helping succulent lovers to source high-quality plants from the local nurseries that they have partnered with, it’s a true community that brings together fans of succulents from all over the globe, offering a platform for exchanging tips, asking questions, sharing hacks, and anything and everything that succulent lovers could possibly need to care for their plant children. Yes, indeed it’s possible to personify these unusual plants, and, in fact, Dev has already done so, creating three distinct mascots known as Succies for the brand.

Who Are The Succies?

All the best brands these days have cool mascots don’t they? Well, why should Succulenty be any different?

Succulenty’s three mascots, or Succies, are the vibrant and iconic face of the brand. As three friends, they have their own distinctive personalities, health benefits, and signature appearances. Their mission is to help those who are unfamiliar with the Succuverse to realise the health benefits that can come from keeping succulents in their home, and how easy they are to maintain in the long term.

So, who are these mascots?

The first is Reaha beautiful, bright green succulent who shines in every environment. Her power is to release water into the air, to enhance moisture in the room. Her health benefits include the ability to cure common colds, sore throats, and skin disorders.

The second mascot is Eve. They say that good things come in small packages, and Eve is the embodiment of that saying. Small, but perfectly formed, she is ideal for homes with libraries or offices, and her unique health benefit is the ability to improve memory and focus.

Finally, Brie is the third Succie with the impressive healing power to reduce stress and calm the mind. Her unusual ability is to release oxygen rather than carbon dioxide during the night so that the room’s air quality can be enhanced.

Why Were The Succies Created?

Dev’s vision was to communicate his thoughts and ideas in a format that was visually engaging and easy to understand, and through this vision, he came up with the concept of the Succies, based on childhood nostalgia and characters that could really resonate with people. The purpose of creating Brie, Eve, and Reah was to promote the benefits that come from keeping succulents as house plants and to boost their street cred.

Interestingly, it was a plan that really worked. Succulenty has taken off in a big way on both virtual and real-world platforms. The Succies’ creators have worked hard to create an engaging and exciting digital world, and their succulent characters have been taken to the heart of the community members.

The Succieshave also formed a key component of the interactive, fun, and educational content that the brand produces to raise awareness of the benefits that these plants bring, and this content is very popular amongst the active community who are prolific in their messages, suggestions, and feedback.

What Is The Future Of Succulenty And The Succies?

In just a short space of time, Succulenty has gone from strength to strength, and it’s clear that the brand has a bright future ahead of it. The Succies’ creators are determined to become the go-to for everything succulent-related, and are working to make their Succies household names as well as characters that can bring the succulent space together as one happy and positive green-fingered family.

In fact, they’re even planning to create NFTs and a metaverse out of their Succies characters. If their existing progress is anything to go by, it looks very likely that they’ll achieve their goal very soon. Perhaps in a few years, everyone will be enjoying the benefits of succulents in their homes?

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