Super Bowl Champ Is Creating A Blue Ocean In Headphone Tech With Dome Audio

As a tight end receiving passes from Tom Brady, you get to experience a chemistry that wins Super Bowl championships,” says Tim Wright, co-founder, and chief strategic officer of Dome Audio Inc.

Less than 20 years ago, the idea of a decentralized, democratized currency was unfathomable. The concept that people could use a “cryptocurrency” that was not connected to a nation or bank but instead was entirely within the power of those who held it to give value to it, buy and sell with it, and replace traditional flat currency was radically novel.

Today, cryptocurrency is exploding in popularity and quite literally taking the world in a different direction. Had you bought a small amount of Bitcoin in 2009, your life would be radically different right now. Perhaps you did, and it is.

It’s intriguing how innovation works…

In 1910, the traditional headphone was invented. And, for more than one hundred years, the basic design and function of conventional headphones have remained the same. While the headphone concept was revolutionary in the history of recorded music, it has become an almost archaic fixture in desperate need to evolve.

Headphones essentially cut us off from the world around us, even as they offer us a bubble of privacy. Over time, headphones can become unsanitary and can contribute to skin and ear infections.

Headphones are also increasingly linked to accidents and deaths in a heavy commuting world in which we are looking at our cell phones and absorbed in our worlds as cars, people, and trains, and a thousand other stimuli swirl around us.

Headphones disconnect us from friends, family, and a society that needs our genuine human connection more than ever. After 110 years of traditional headphones, innovation is inevitable.

Dome’s D4 headphones are the beginning of a wave of change in how people listen to music while experiencing the world around them. Their multi-patented design offers the ability to hear and experience-rich audio while allowing your ears to remain completely open. Walking and running in a crowded city might feel nice when you’re in your world and can only hear the sound of a blazing beat or a provocative podcast… but what if someone needs to get your attention?

Dome Audio offers an innovative alternative to these issues through proprietary quad bone-conduction, Bluetooth, surround sound, stereo headphones, and interchangeable noise-isolation Dome Covers.

Dome is an experience of listening that doesn’t lose our ability to experience the world around us.

Dome headphones offer a new option of connectivity and productivity via their open-ear listening capability. Whether this involves public commuting and travel, remote work, homeschooling, collaborative work, and the list go on, Dome’s technology is the upgrade in the listening experience the headphone industry has been yearning for decades. 

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