Suraj Beera is Youngest Indian Entrepreneur to Feature on Times Square Billboard

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Suraj Beera is India’s youngest entrepreneur on Times Square, is a powerful tech entrepreneur who has achieved success through his startup incentives.

Suraj Beera’s Billboard on Times Square. He was recently featured on the Times Square billboard in New York for an AUDI SUV commercial for which he designed the ad concepts. Suraj Beera’s Billboard on Times Square for a commercial he designed for an Audi R8 model

Besides being a talented digital creator and entrepreneur; Suraj Beera will definitely make you experience the wonder of this beautiful planet and its cities & cultures with his travel film making and his videos on his Instagram page @surajbeera which is a beautiful social gateway of nearly 200,000 members to discover the world through traveling.

With his biggest brand collaborations and verified partnerships namely: Mercedes Benz, Audi Germany, BMW, Fossil & Pepsi Global, Suraj Beera has also partnered with Pepsi Global to conceptualize ad designs with the world-renowned footballer Leo Messi. He is a prominent figure on social media with nearly a million followers across all platforms.

Suraj Beera believes that travel is not a hobby or habit, but something which bonds people, cultures, places, and all the nostalgia and love together. He is known prominently in social media for his social works and campaigns. 

In 2020, he campaigned for the victims of the Vishakhapatnam gas tragedy on and obtained record signatures of 2,54,000 people of the city in India to help bring in a new law to keep poisonous gas facilities on the outskirts of cities only.

Have you ever seen the aerial view of the neon lights in Tokyo? Or the beautiful northern lights in Norway? What about seeing the golden Eiffel tower from your extravagant Paris hotel in the dark?

Have you paddled through the canals of Venice in a beautiful sunset? Been above a canyon with a glass cabin and water flowing through? You can experience all these wonderful travel moments on his Instagram @surajbeera

He is also the founder of “My diet manager “ a unique startup that is an innovative idea to bring health, fitness, and diet consultation and online grocery shopping with blogging together as a unique innovative solution to solve problems related to diet and fitness.

With his experience in the field, Suraj Beera has been playing a key role in bringing the people of the travel community together on Instagram and discord. He has won several awards and recently was selected as the best delegate in the Harvard Asia conference 2021, with a personal letter of recommendation for his design skills, leadership, and speaking skills from Harvard University.

His travel films on volcanoes, lion conservation with dean shneider, and famous car brands have garnered millions of impressions and more than 100,00,000 views.

His mission is to inspire people to have a positive impact in the world through travel and is known widely for his charity works. Suraj Beera is one of the top-rated influencers who is one of the finest and most unique inspiring digital creators of recent times.

You can view his projects on his Instagram at

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