Taking Back CTRL: The Struggle for Financial Justice


Ordinals have recently experienced an influx of opportunistic individuals and low-effort projects. It was inevitable really, considering the amount of hype and attention the space has received in recent weeks; those with ill intentions will flock to the places where attention and money resides.

Luckily though, so do those with brilliant minds and good intentions. Meet Jameson Mah, founder of CTRL.

Jameson has long been a respected figure in the Ordinals community, providing valuable insights and knowledge. In April, he showcased his bullishness for Ordinals through an informative thread titled “The Definitive Ordinals Megathread.”

Seizing CTRL


Earlier this month, Jameson announced his own venture into the world of Bitcoin inscriptions with the launch of CTRL, a project that consists of 404 Ordinals inscribed exclusively on Uncommon Sats.

CTRL, however, is more than just a project. It embodies a vision that aims to revolutionize our perception with fiat money. Its primary objective is to challenge the existing financial landscape and put the power back into the hands of the people. If you’re involved in Web3 in some way, shape or form, you no doubt understand the shortcomings of fiat currency, which may not be obvious to those outside our sphere. Jameson and CTRL emphasize these points, making them central to the project’s narrative.

The welcome message in the CTRL Discord sets the tone: “CTRL started with a simple idea: bury fiat currency to regain control over our lives. Bitcoin is our salvation. It’s a powerful rallying cry for all those oppressed by the old ways of centralized systems.”

A beacon of Hope

CTRL made a dramatic entrance, generating a real buzz right from the get-go. In the aforementioned introductory thread, Jameson captivated readers by sharing the lore behind CTRL and providing a backstory about himself, reminiscent of a superhero’s journey. Interwoven with personal anecdotes about how the fiat banking system nearly devastated him and his family, Jameson recounted the simultaneous rise of Bitcoin—an emerging beacon of hope amidst a backdrop of prevailing chaos.

“CTRL is for those who want to break free from this endless cycle.

“It is a rallying cry for everyone who feels what my family felt in ’08:


“Bitcoin can set us free.”

Fiat Is Dead

Shortly afterwards, CTRL set their followers a task. Leading by example, they released a video showcasing the CTRL team at Bitcoin Miami, engaging in what they dubbed a “Fiat Funeral.”

Clad in balaclavas, disciples rolled up to the event in hearses transporting a large coffin brimming with US dollars. Meanwhile, advocates passionately spread the gospel of Bitcoin to the crowd, while the lifeless and buried fiat currency lay in an open casket. CTRL issued a challenge to their followers, urging them to replicate this symbolic act, document it, and tag CTRL in their posts.

It all felt very “Project Mayhem.”

Final Thoughts

It’s still very early days for CTRL, but sometimes you can just spot a winner from a mile off.

They’ve done everything right so far: a compelling narrative, polished media production, captivating artwork, active follower engagement, and support from prominent figures in the community. Amidst all this, it’s easy to forget the fact that CTRL’s assets are inscribed exclusively on Uncommon Sats! It’s a real testament to what they’ve done creatively when the asset itself is not the sole focal point of the project.

We’re eagerly anticipating what Jameson and CTRL have in store for us next. It feels like they’ve only just started here.


CTRL Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeizeCTRL

Jameson Mah Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamesonMah

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