Telaports’s Latest Ventures in Music

Fans of the electronic genre can rejoice as a new wave of music is being released over the coming year. D’Lannie and Stevie Ray C. have formed Telaport, an electronic group based in Texas. As two artists living in the culturally thriving scene of Dallas, they’re created music that explores electronic, dream pop, rap, EDM, and top 40 remixes.

Now the group is excited about their newest project, music to be released in the coming year. When asked about what inspires Telaport, the group replied, “There are so many talented artists we’d love to work with. Some of our favorites are Twenty One Pilots, Muse, and Kanye.”

Both D’Lannie and Stevie Ray C. started with solo careers, developing and releasing their own tracks online. “We both started off as solo artists and just felt like the projects we worked on together were so much more powerful and we thought, ‘Why not be a duo?'” Before forming Telaport, the pair were working as licensed agents in the Dallas real estate market. “It paid the bills.”

D’Lannie and Stevie Ray C. both come from musical backgrounds, having practiced from a young age. It’s always been a dream for both of them to share their love of music with the world. “As individuals, we both started out as solo artists. We both were never the cool kids, in the background of parties. But we’ve always had a passion for music. Music has been the one thing to always keep us pushing forward with situations that have gotten thrown our way in life. Becoming a duo has drastically changed both of our lives. We trust each other’s creativity and sound. We are able to write, produce, and perform all of our original content – and do it ourselves, which is so much more rewarding. We both bring a different essence to the music and it creates such a cool vibe.”

Digitization of the Music Industry

As the Covid-19 pandemic set in, the music industry has warped to adjust to the changes. One noticeable change has been the increased digitization of the music industry, with an increasing number of artists choosing to stay at home while making music. More artists have opted to focus on developing their social media platforms rather than pursuing mainstream music outlets.

This change has its upsides and its downsides. On a positive note, it’s become much easier for beginning artists to release their content to a wider audience. Artists like D’Lannie and Stevie Ray C. no longer have to jump through the hoops set by traditional outlets; essentially, you can develop a following through the content you curate online. On the downside, it’s become harder for artists to get noticed in this competitive online market.

On the changing landscape of the music scene, D’Lannie and Stevie Ray C. had this to say: “The music industry is a tough market to be in, but it’s not impossible. Content and creativity is everything. The biggest lesson in the industry that we have learned is to make sure that while you’re being creative and doing what you love, that you have a good team around you. Surround yourself with people that have the same passion. Believe in what you are doing, and don’t listen to everyone that puts out negative energy toward you or your projects. Do what you love, have fun, and see what happens.”

Telaport is excited to announce their latest release of music: “One track we’ve been holding onto for some time now, ‘Ghost Friends’ is so different from everything we have done, and it feels like a great peak at what’s to come in the future. You can expect our new EP to drop this year of 2022. This year is all about content, and we are very excited about debuting ‘Better Together’.”

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