The Best Gifts for a Grieving Friend

When someone you love is grieving, you want to show them compassion and support. Sometimes it will mean lending an ear and listening. Other times, you may want to show your support with something tangible that will remind them of your love. Find the perfect sympathy gift to show your support for your friend.

Guardian Angel Necklace

Give your friend a necklace with angel wings or an angel pendant. This will remind them through their grief that their loved one continues to watch over them. When they wear the necklace, they will think of their loved ones and find comfort in knowing the memories they shared are close to their heart.

When you give a guardian angel necklace, you gently show your support for a grieving friend. This palpable gift is a physical reminder that your friend is not alone as they grieve. Angels as symbols share unspoken messages of comfort, support, love, and hope.

Framed Photographs

Losing someone puts a gray cloud over many memories for a while. Happy experiences turn bittersweet. With this in mind, if you have a photograph of a happy memory of your loved one and the person they mourn, decide if a framed picture is the right gift to show your support.

Remember that it may be painful for your loved one to look at a reminder of their loss. However, joyful memories may help them remember the beautiful times they had together, rather than fixating on the loss.

A beautiful frame makes the picture a gift that will comfort your friend through their mourning period. This gift will last and serve as a reminder that while someone may not physically be with us, we always think of them.

Framed photos share messages of remembrance, encouragement, and love.

Wind Chimes

Memorial wind chimes make excellent sympathy gifts. Personalize it to say the name of your friend or the person they mourn. If your loved one enjoys gardening, hiking, or spending time in nature, wind chimes will give music to the wind.

Every time the wind chimes ring, your loved one will be reminded that their loved one is not far. Some religious faiths believe that wind chimes can send prayers. Your friend may enjoy the reminder that each gust of wind is a prayer for the person they lost.

Wind chimes share messages of reminiscence, faith, and hope.


Many people light candles to show their hearts are seeking comfort through loss. The flame reminds us that there is light even in the darkest of times. Many people place candles on their mantle next to a photo of the person they mourn.

The light of a candle is comforting. It speaks to a part of our souls that seek brighter days. Candles with calming scents can offer peace and grounding to someone mourning. Your friend will appreciate the comfort and friendliness during this challenging period.

Candles share messages of warmth, light, hope, and support.

An Honorary Donation

Your friend may not want more physical items to create clutter in their home. They may also wish to receive comfort but not something that will remind them of their pain. If your friend’s loved one had a favorite charity, consider donating in their name.

Your friend will appreciate that you care enough to continue the legacy of giving that their loved one left. You will help spread the joy that your friend needs to others who need it. This sympathy gift will help make the world a better place while also showing that you care about the things that matter to your friends.

Donations share messages of compassion, generosity, and love.

If someone you love is mourning, it can be hard to know what to do for them. A sympathy gift is a great way to reach out and let your friend know that you support them. Find a gift that will be personal and share the heartfelt message your friend needs to hear.

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