The Doe Challenges the Way People Think and Interact With Others Online

Every industry has that one innovator that looks to redefine the norm. For the publication world, it’s The Doe, a website that challenges the status quo and is not afraid to do things differently. 

The Doe is a digital publication that looks to challenge the way people engage with new content and ideas through unheard narratives. Every month, the website releases unfiltered narratives from verified anonymous sources that challenge a person’s confirmation bias by exposing the reader to a broad spectrum of worldviews that expose them to a larger reality beyond their four corners. 

The publication’s founder, Milan Kordestani, is an ex-contributor for the Huffington Post. He started writing for the giant publishing company when he was only 16 years old. Milan felt drawn to writing as he realized early on that it was a great way to express what mattered to him. When they closed down that contributor platform, he lost his writing space and stopped writing for a season of his life. 

When he finally returned to writing, he discovered that his most natural expression was creating narratives instead of articles. His works came up to be deeply personal and thought-provoking. For those very two reasons, Milan decided to create “The Doe.”

“There are hundreds of publications in the world, but through anonymous narratives, we think we can spark civil discourse,” shares The Doe‘s founder, Milan. “The second part of this is that a lot of these narratives aren’t even being shared or told.”

The Doe looks to challenge every idea accepted as the norm. Even the website’s business model is uncanny. Where most publications thrive on advertising placements, The Doe reserves no space for sponsored content. Instead, The Doe sustains itself through two other income streams: a purpose driven apparel brand and a pay-what-you-want business model. 

The online store features a selection of apparel that carries the brand’s identity and message. The company shop is in the business of creating “conversation-starting” apparel. It’s more than just clothing for the sake of clothing. It’s a way to challenge the way we think and the way we engage with others in real life.

The other innovative approach The Doe has to business development is creating a membership model where anyone can support the cause. There is no threshold to contributions made. Milan maintains that this allows anyone from any economic class to participate in The Doe‘s mission and work. One member can give a dollar a month and another a hundred dollars. There is no bias between the two pledges.

The Doe listens to the voices of those who have been shunned and ignored by society. Where most news outlets look to shine a light on conversations that the masses are feasting upon, the innovative publication looks to give a platform to unpopular stories that could spark meaningful conversations. Civil discourse is of great value to Milan and The Doe, and listening to narratives that could build meaningful exchanges among people is a great way to build it.

Milan does more than operate The Doe. Throughout his busy weeks, he also carves out time to tend to his two other successful ventures, Guin Records and Dormzi

To follow The Doe and join the meaningful conversations out of thought-provoking narratives, visit their website. You can also check out their online shop.

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