The Journey of The Lake City’s Lovesh Vyas- From An aspiring Cricketer to One of the Top Models in the Country

Someone has rightly said- Success is temporary, but the journey is inevitable. Journey matters more than the success. It is the hard work, dedication and perseverance that counts more than just winning a title. Today we bring you a journey that very less people are entitled to. A journey of fighting out the odds to reach the milestone of success. Today we bring you the journey of Lovesh Vyas.

Lovesh Vyas is an Indian Model, Actor, Influencer who is known for his charming looks and good physique. Born in Udaipur, Lovesh had a great interest in Sports right from his childhood. He also represented his city and school at various levels in Cricket as well.

Being indulged in sports ensured a good and healthy physique for Lovesh. But little did he knew that Life had some other plans for him. Plans that will actually take him to heights of success. Lovesh was introduced to the world of modelling by a friend. Owing to his looks and physique he started getting offers from various brands and companies to endorse their products. But a major breakthrough was still awaited.

And that came in 2019, after being signed to RK casting, Lovesh started taking part in various model competitions around the world. And the first major victory came in the form of him winning the second runner up prize at Apex Mi’s Mr and Miss Model of India 2019 event.

In the same year Vyas went on to win a second runner up prize for Sandy Joel’s Mr. Universe Competition as well. He still says that every accomplishment still feels like a dream for him, but he also asserts that he has worked day and night to achieve them. With more than 30K followers on Instagram, Vyas is also a social media influencer and gives beneficial tips regarding fashion and fitness.

He says that his next target is to win both the competitions in which he stood second runner up and is working harder than ever to achieve them. Truly the journey of Lovesh Vyas is inspiring, Motivating, and indeed proves that there is absolutely nothing that can’t be achieved.

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