The Lukas Kurzmann Story: Creating a Massive Fitness and Nutrition Company Before Age 30

Any entrepreneur who manages to become a millionaire before the age of 30 is impressive, but one who can do it by the time they’re 17 is simply remarkable.

Lukas Kurzmann, co-founder and CEO of the women’s fitness company Women’s Best, is one entrepreneur who did just that.

“I started my first business at the age of 16,” he said in an interview. “Together with my brother and a friend, we have been selling online personalized nutrition plans with a certified nutritionist in over 100 countries. This business made me my first million at 17.”

Women’s Best is an Austrian-based company that sells high-quality fitness nutrition products and sportswear specifically designed for women. It’s somewhat of a pioneer in the industry, as it ignores men and fully embraces women.

It began in August of 2015 and almost immediately took flight. Within the first two years of operation, Women’s Best, with Lukas Kurzmann at the helm, grew 800 percent in revenue. Now, they’re approaching a million customers in more than 150 countries. Their social media presence is astounding with 1.3 billion annual reach and 3.8 million active followers. It’s no doubt one of the leading brands in the women’s health industry.

Getting to this point could not have been an easy journey. It took hard work and dedication from the co-founder and CEO. Let’s take a closer look at Lukas Kurzmann’s journey to success.

Greatness at a Young Age

Starting a business young certainly comes with its challenges. Kurzmann said that people didn’t take them seriously, a major trial for him, his brother, and his friend.

“People doubting us because of our age was a challenge,” he said, noting that it was actually more of a blessing than a difficulty. “We were always trying to surpass the challenges and use them as a motivation to reach our goals.” It could be argued that Kurzmann wouldn’t have been so successful if he wasn’t so determined to prove the naysayers wrong.

The three young comrades also had a profoundly powerful sense of self-confidence that helped them succeed. Besides that, Kurzmann said that they focused on “knowledge and learning more every day.” Within a short time, they were experts in their field, despite their youth.

While many would see youth in business as a disadvantage, Kurzmann sees it as a conduit to success. He said that entrepreneurs under the age of 30 “bring dreams, passion, creative ideas, and energy” to the table.

“Being young is not just about the number, but about how young and active our minds are,” he finished.

A Different Approach to Fitness

While the youth and vitality of Women’s Best’s three founders is certainly an advantage, it’s nothing compared to the quality of the business. The company would not have grown so quickly in such a short amount of time if it wasn’t built upon such a strong platform that supports an often-under-represented group in fitness.

“Women’s Best is the first sports nutrition company to direct its message exclusively towards the female community in a big step to make women feel that fitness is fun and more reachable,” Kurzmann said.

Since the beginning of fitness brands, women have often been made to feel inferior to men with far more products developed for a man’s body than a woman’s. Kurzmann’s team decided enough was enough and developed a brand that can successfully empower women with some of the best nutrition and sportswear products on the market.

A huge neglected area has been the nutrition aspect. Women and men have different genetic makeups that influence the ways they need to approach fitness and dieting. For example, most women should consume fewer calories than most men, and they need different vitamins and nutrients than men to maintain top energy and shred fat.

Supplements and fat-loss programs have often been designed around men. “Women didn’t feel comfortable buying supplements,” Lukas said, so his company designed products that they could put their trust in. “Now they do since there’s a brand marketed towards them.”

The message is powerful in and of itself, but the Women’s Best CEO felt a strong marketing approach was necessary to build a brand and get women coming to their products independently.

“Rather than just selling products, the company strives to give tips, motivate, and inspire millions of women around the globe to reach their fitness goal.”

He and his co-founders discovered that the key to success in fitness is not just in the quality products, but also in the recognizable brand.

Looking to the Future

There’s no doubt that Women’s Best has a promising future. Kurzmann and his dedicated team will continue to grow the company that has done so much for the health, vitality, and self-confidence of the women who follow it.

When asked where Lukas thinks Women’s Best will be in the future, he responded, “Still at the top of the market as a remarkable company which sets trends and is helping more women around the globe to reach their fitness goals.”

It’s this dedication to branding that has helped Women’s Best succeed thus far, and it will continue to help it grow in the future as well.

Lukas also stated that the lineup of products would continue to develop as well as they tried to keep the pricing competitive with other top-quality brands in the industry. Lukas and his co-founders see a bright future for women who love fitness, and they’ll continue to use their brand influence to support them.

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