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My name is Grant Cardone and I speak to audiences around the world on leadership, entrepreneurship, business, and finances.  Many years ago, I finished college with debt and no clue how to make money—and I don’t want that to happen to others today. I have a lot of money now and I can teach you something no professor won’t be teaching you this upcoming semester: You can be a millionaire, and a lot sooner than you think.

I want to share 3 basic things you can do to guarantee more success in your life.

1. Be the First One Up in Your Neighborhood

I want to see that sun pop. Think about what a powerful mechanism the sun is, and you whoop it because you’re up before it goes up. If I go to sleep at 9, I get 7 hours of sleep and wake up at 4. That means I get a 3-hour head start on everyone else. I want to be the first one up in my company, my neighborhood, and my city. When everyone else is having their first cup of coffee, I’ve already worked out, written my goals, and dressed.

2. Get Things Done Long Before You Need to

Don’t get things done right at the deadline. People who wait until the deadline will only get the bare minimum done. When someone wants something done, I do it—I don’t wait. Produce, produce, produce. I don’t need to do it perfectly right—I need to do it quickly. What’s worth more than that? So I had an extra comma in the article and I misspelled a word. I got it done quickly and moved on to the next project.

3. Break Your Life into Priorities and Win at All of Them

Break your life into pieces of a pie, little sectors, and prioritize them. Finances, school, marriage, kids, physical health, emotions, spirituality, and all other things that are important to you. Break your whole life into categories and then win at every one of them. Slay the dragons and become a champion in every area. For everything that you want to fight for, everything that is valuable to you, make a commitment to become a champion in that space.

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You won’t find the material I bring every day in your university bookstore. And whether you love me or hate me, at least you now know me.

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