The New Meaning for NFT Washing

Anyone who has been in Web3 or Crypto for more than 30 seconds has heard of NFTs.  Maybe you or someone you know went just a LITTLE too deep into the NFT market when you first were introduced.  Spending a little too much of your crypto on JPG monkeys or pixel characters that brought you back to playing games on Saturday mornings with a game controller in hand.  Perhaps you even “invested” in an NFT project that had way too lofty ambitions, only to have its founder take a ‘mental health break’ claiming they went to “touch grass” and never returned, lost in that grassy field with all their investor’s crypto.  

Enter The Laundromat

The Laundromat is a project launching on the Cardano blockchain that is introducing a novel concept in the NFT space by offering a platform where users can “wash” their unwanted NFTs.  The project offers two transformational options: Machine Washing and Hand Washing.  With this unique approach The Laundromat aims to revitalize and breathe new life into a user’s rugged or unwanted assets.  

The first of which is Machine Washing, where a user’s unwanted NFTs are thrown through the spin cycle of an AI powered transformation process.  Using advanced algorithms, the NFT runs through millions of permutations, analyzing traits like colors, shapes, and textures to generate fresh and unique iterations of the original NFT.  This process allows for mass transformations, breathing new life into entire collections, turning the tide on impulsive purchases or art styles that just don’t do it anymore.  

The second option is where this platform really shines, Hand Washing.  Users get to pick from a curated list of artists to send their NFTs to.  Once received, the artist will get to recreate the NFT image in their own style leading to some very interesting results.  Users will also retain control of their initial assets with multiple options opened to them.  Want to burn the NFT you send in, The Laundromat will have a dedicated wallet for all ‘burnt’ assets.  Decide you want to keep your rugged NFT as a memento, The Laundromat will send it back along with your new and improved take on that same NFT.  Perhaps you don’t want the NFT to be burned but don’t want it cluttering up your wallet either, well The Laundromat will offer these users the option of sending that NFT to the ‘Lost and Found’ to be used in giveaways and marketing.  

Dedicated to empowering artists, The Laundromat looks to foster the creative spirit of artists and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents and work.  Each artist gets to set their own fee for creating custom NFTs through the hand washing process, receiving 100% of the fee that they set.  Each artist will also have their own dedicated Policy ID under the Laundromat’s Umbrella of ID’s.  Helping to maintain the cohesive vision of the project while protecting the individuality of each artist.  

By blending blockchain, AI, and human creativity, The Laundromat unlocks brand new utility for NFT ownership.  Crypto degens are no longer stuck with their purchases, instead The Laundromat offers innovative ways for holders to refresh their collections.  As non-fungible tokens continue to permeate pop culture, projects like The Laundromat will help sustain their longevity and relevance.

For more information follow The Laundromat on Twitter or join their Discord.  

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