The Future of Wallets is Slim


The days of using a big thick wallet are fading away. After all, nobody likes a clunky wallet bulging in their pocket. It’s just uncomfortable.

That’s why entrepreneurs of today need “The Ridge”. It’s a slim, RFID-blocking wallet that expands to hold up to 12 cards. Helping to remove a few of the cards that you don’t use as much because we all know we have too many cards in our wallets. The wallet helps streamline your everyday carry.

Products like The Ridge are revolutionary, which is why we knew we had to share their product with you, our audience. Keep reading to see why we think The Ridge Wallet is a solid investment for you, our fellow entrepreneurs.

It’s Built to Carry The Essentials

The Ridge Wallet is built for every adventurer or minimalist out there. It’s slim at only 1.3″. With easy to use slide in card storage, you won’t have to worry about your cards falling out of your wallet as you never have to re-secure your cards as you do with thicker wallets. It’s also built with CFTA foam, reinforcing the wallet and inside-out made wallet technology to protect it against any impact.

The first time you pick up the wallet, you’ll realize the presence of the cards inside has been significantly reduced. It’s also built so that there are no unsightly bulges like we see in thicker wallets. 

You might be thinking, how many cards does it allow me to store? 

The Ridge allows you to store anywhere from 1-12 cards without making your wallet any thicker. Now that’s handy for an entrepreneur.

The wallet feels like you’re carrying a small credit card with you all the time so you don’t have to worry about the cards falling out when you’re struggling for space.

This is an RFID blocking wallet after all, so contactless payments are still compatible. For a minimalist who needs to travel light, we think The Ridge Wallet is the way forward. If you think of the non-trendiest thing that you could have with your phone, a clunky wallet is it. But not anymore with The Ridge.

Built with Premium Materials & Intentional Design



This wallet looks like it will become a collectible item with its sleek design. The wallet on the other hand, comes with greatly reduced bulk to make it easier to hold. It’s made with high-grade titanium or aluminum making it very strong.

Made to last, it’s a smart move The Ridge Wallet comes in various colors, like black, blue, and grey. One of the things we love about The Ridge wallet is that its RFID blocking prevents fraudulent transactions, especially with MagSafe credit cards. With all the data hacks happening these days it’s important to keep our cards and identity safe.

Made to Last Forever With a Lifetime Guarantee

How many times have you purchased a wallet and been disgruntled with the wallet falling apart after some wear and tear over the years? I know for us, it’s happened more than a few times. With the Ridge Wallet you won’t have to worry about this basically ever. 

The wallet is made from titanium and aluminum making the wallet nearly indestructible. But the best part about the wallet is that if it did break down, or become faulty at any time after you purchase it, you can use the lifetime guarantee. Yep, that’s right. 

Basically this will be the only wallet you will have to ever buy in your lifetime and as entrepreneurs we know that time is money and quality is important. 

For you, our loyal readers, you can go purchase the wallet here. 

It’s probably time to say goodbye to that old clunky wallet and instead welcome The Ridge into your life.

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