ThetaCon 2023: Uniting Creators and Innovators in the Theta Network Ecosystem

ThetaCon, the annual community run conference celebrating the Theta Network ecosystem, is gearing up for its 2023 edition. The event aims to bring together creators, developers, and enthusiasts who are shaping the future of decentralized content delivery and blockchain technology. I had the opportunity to chat with Bones Nasty, the Development Coordinator of the Theta Community Conference Committee (TCCC), to learn more about Theta Network, the conference, and what attendees can expect this year.

Exploring the Theta Network and Its Ecosystem

At its core, Theta Network is a decentralized content delivery network powered by edge nodes contributed by individuals. This network facilitates the delivery of video content, AI compute jobs, and more, making use of the excess compute resources of users’ devices. Unlike traditional centralized models, Theta Network leverages the collective power of the community to build a robust and efficient infrastructure. The network’s focus is on video, media, and entertainment, with partnerships involving major players like Sony, Samsung, Google, BDMI, and others.

ThetaCon: A Unique Gathering

ThetaCon, organized by the, TCCC, is a fun and engaging event that celebrates the accomplishments of the Theta Network community. The conference provides a platform for creators, developers, and enthusiasts to come together, share insights, and discuss projects related to the Theta  blockchain, entertainment, and technology. In partnership with Theta Labs, ThetaCon also provides the opportunity for the Theta community to spend a weekend with the Theta Labs leadership team. Theta Labs is deeply involved in the planning of speakers and panelists for the event to ensure attendees and viewers are obtaining firsthand knowledge.

In 2022, ThetaCon welcomed over 300 attendees in person and had over 400 viewers via live stream. Attendees immersed themselves in a Comic Con-style atmosphere, with a focus on blockchain entertainment, NFTs, film integrations, and more. The conference has garnered a reputation for being a gathering where attendees can meet friends from online communities and engage in conversations that bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

Board of Directors and Operational Staff From Thetacon 2022

ThetaCon23: What’s in Store

The upcoming ThetaCon23 is scheduled to take place from November 2nd to 5th in Austin, Texas. The event promises to build on the success of its previous editions and bring new excitement to the table. Attendees can look forward to presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities that highlight the latest developments in the Theta Network ecosystem.

One of the unique features of ThetaCon 2023 is the inaugural Zilly Awards. The awards are designed to celebrate outstanding projects and individuals within the Theta Network community. With categories ranging from “Most Promising Project Building on Theta” to “Best Social Personality,” the Zilly Awards showcase the creativity and innovation thriving within the ecosystem. 

Bones confirmed two exciting updates for the conference. With a focus on entertainment, the Cyko KO series will officially premier at ThetaCon23. The series was developed by Rob Feldman, a member of TCCC board of directors and CTO of Rocket Ship Entertainment. In the pilot episode, the cast of Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries, Tina Majorino and Haylie Duff) reunite in this retro-inspired, brand new cartoon pilot of a stunt motorcyclist turned SuperEarth’s greatest hero! In addition, Jordan Bayne, a prominent figure in the realm of Film3, will be speaking at the event. She was instrumental in using Theta’s DRM tech while at Cannes Film Fest to put on the MetaCanne event. This event made it possible for award winning films to be streamed with studio level DRM over the Thetadrop platform.

Beyond the Conference: Theta Network’s Impact

Theta Network isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a thriving ecosystem that’s making a real impact. Projects like Imagine Replay’s Rewarded TV showcase how users can earn cryptocurrency by watching content. Additionally, partnerships with entities like Creative Artist Agency highlight Theta Network’s potential as a bridge between mainstream entertainment and the blockchain space.

As ThetaCon23 draws closer, the excitement is palpable. The event serves as a testament to the vibrant and passionate community that’s shaping the future of decentralized content delivery and blockchain technology. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and community engagement, ThetaCon23 is set to deliver an experience that attendees won’t forget.

For those interested in learning more about Theta Network, ThetaCon, and the exciting projects within the ecosystem, be sure to visit the official ThetaCon website at Stay tuned for further updates and details as the event approaches.

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