Thomas Zaccagnino Welcomes the CTO of IBM Blockchain

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Boston-based private equity real estate firm Muirfield Investment Partners is pleased to announce that blockchain specialist and CTO of IBM Blockchain Gari Singh has joined the firm as an advisor. Muirfield is leading the effort to reinvent and improve private equity investing through the use of blockchain technology, and Mr. Singh’s technical expertise will help guide Muirfield’s efforts in both the near and long term.

About Gari Singh

As a Distinguished Engineer and the CTO of IBM Blockchain, Gari Singh has provided the guidance and leadership that has made IBM a leader in the blockchain space. He is responsible for IBM’s core blockchain platform as well as IBM’s blockchain as a service offering.

Mr. Singh is also a core maintainer and contributor to Hyperledger Fabric, an open source blockchain technology designed to meet the needs of businesses. He led the development and deployment of the IBM Blockchain on Bluemix, a peer-to-peer permissioned network built on top of the Hyperledger Fabric code, which provides tools for developers building blockchain applications.

About Muirfield Investment Partners

Muirfield Investment Partners is an opportunistic private equity real estate investment firm headquartered in Boston, MA, leading the effort to reinvent and improve private equity investing through the use of blockchain technology. By utilizing blockchain technology, Muirfield’s proprietary investment solutions aim to solve key structural issues with traditional private equity funds, offer investors liquidity, and improve alignment with their investment managers.

Muirfield Founder, Tom Zaccagnino, stated:

Tom Zaccagnino

“I am thrilled to have someone of Gari’s global stature involved in our initiative. Gari will no doubt bring tremendously valuable experience and perspective to the table for our initial blockchain efforts as well as future investments and initiatives that we plan to make in the blockchain space.”

Mr. Singh has long recognized the world-changing implications of blockchain technology and is pleased to be working with a company who understands its potential to move their industry forward. In joining Muirfield, Mr. Singh said:

“What made me want to get involved with Muirfield is that they realize the value of using blockchain technology to drive significant improvements to the entire private equity industry; not just their business. They are not afraid to use new technology to transform their business and create value for their investors.”

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