ToonHub Is Creating Milestones as an Outstanding Media Outlet

The world we are living in right now is something we had not imagined a year back. However, with the pandemic, many changes and evolutions happened across business industries. This had to happen looking at the advancements and developments that individuals worked towards for bringing newness to the table. It has definitely increased the dependence of people on online mediums for almost everything they need in life.

The digital platforms have been on the rise since a few years now, but the pandemic has only propelled certain online businesses much further. Amongst the many industries, the media, news and entertainment world is also something that has been seeing huge evolutions, thanks to the many talented minds who have created their portals and companies for providing the best of news to people on the tips of their fingers. Going ahead many in this niche is a company named ToonHub, but the one that is rising high as a high profile media outlet across the online mediums.

ToonHub is the idea and concept of a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Hayden Johnston-Stach, a Canadian founder, based out of London, the UK. He saw the boom in the online platforms and realized much earlier than any pandemic, how the digital world is the new normal for almost all businesses across the world. This led him towards creating ToonHub in the year 2016. Since, then ToonHub has been rising high as a high profile media outlet that provides news, information and videos that have already garnered over a million US-based followers also as an authority site publishing niche news.

Talking about some of their viral achievements, the 19-year-old skilled entrepreneur says that in the year 2018 alone they welcomed more than 100 million total viewers on their exclusive live-streams, which went ahead to gross six-figure revenue streams through their streaming partners like Prime Video and Midnight Pulp. Every month, their mainstay page reaches more than a million viewers and this in itself proves the momentum that ToonHub has created for itself as a growing media outlet.

They are ahead in the game with their block-caption style voice-over comedy videos, featuring the famous Jaboody Dubs. Truly, ToonHub has reached a powerful status in the media industry and has been growing each passing day with its rising viewers and followers. To know more, follow the link,

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