Top 10 TikTok Growth Services for Unparalleled Engagement

As the newest addition to the social media universe, TikTok still has enough space left for soon-to-be celebrities. Its growth has been huge, the opportunities it provides ample. Why not hop aboard the TikTok train and take a shot at the internet fame yourself? And we know what can help.

TikTok is ripe with followers eager for fresh content. In fact, it has almost a billion registered users. That’s right, one-eighth of the entire human race follows people on TikTok!

Due to it getting popular just two years ago, it still isn’t oversaturated with content and content creators. What this means is that if you want to take a shot, you’ll have to start now. The chance is here right now, so why not take it?

However, nothing guarantees you popularity. Others have also flocked to TikTok for the same reasons as you intend to. To put it simply, in order to gain an edge over your competition, you’ll have to employ some sort of TikTok growth services.

You see TikTok growth services at work on a daily basis. All those fancy brands and big names out there, they all use them. It is near-impossible to go big or even stay big without the invisible help of TikTok growth services.

They offer a wide array of means that can help you reach out to more people and get more engagement with your content. And, as you probably know, engagement is the lifeblood of all social media.

We’ve composed a list of the top TikTok growth services that can be considered to be some of the best available out there. Check their good sides and decide on the most suitable yourself.

Top TikTok Growth Services



As a fully automated software, TokUpgrade fills the first position on the vast majority of TikTok growth services top lists. But what does make TokUpgrade so popular?

First and foremost, TokUpgrade does not deal with empty numbers. It deals with real people. It engages with the actual users that are most suitable to your niche or target field.

How often have you seen profiles with hundreds and thousands of followers that are clearly obtained by bots? Perhaps not much, since the algorithm easily spots and isolates them away from the authentic users. With TokUpgrade, you get real people.

TokUpgrade targets relevant profiles, those that you aspire to be like, or your direct competition. Once it spots the right audience, it goes right onto the task of engaging with them. Every like it leaves increases the chance of getting a like back. Natural and authentic, the resulting followers will grow along with your content, and not be a burden on your algorithm footprint.

An average increase in the size of the audience is 200%, but engage wisely and you can multiply it several magnitudes more. But size does not matter if it jeopardizes your safety; TokUpgrade crew knows this and promises 100% safety of your account.

TokUpgrade is the invisible guiding hand to success that you need. Yours is just to do your thing, and TokUpgrade will make sure that you reach the TikTok stars.



Like a virtual assistant on its own, TokSocial is a growth service that relies on automation as its main driving force. Its main feature is superb targeting precision when it comes to engagement. It won’t try to attract followers who lack interest in your particular TikToks, but only those who have a spark of genuine attraction to your content.

How does it do that? By having a wide assortment of filters and blacklists/whitelists that you can customize until the target is truly and uniquely yours, of course! The results? More than real. Authentically, organically-grown real! No fake followers, no bot accounts.

As an added bonus, you also get a dedicated account manager, 24/7, that’ll help ensure your TikTok success. Set up your account in a couple of minutes, and go viral forever! It’s a cathcy premise, don’t you agree?

TokSocial comes in two plans: the Regular Plan that costs 15$/week, and the Pro Plan that goes for 25$/week. Regular gives you everything aforementioned, features like 24/7 account manager, skilled and professional support, and smart targeting; all for quick growth.

Pro cranks up on everything for maximum growth: do it if you intend to go fully professional.



For those of you who do not want to get into automation, unsure and unstable growth rate, nor long-term processes, SidesMedia makes a growth service that delivers all its results within 72 hours!

With SidesMedia, you are buying real TikTok followers. Accounts with real people behind them ensure that not at a single point will you seem artificially inflated with numbers. SidesMedia gives them a share of the service fee, which motivates them to be active and contribute to your TikTok as your audience.

SidesMedia has two sides to its offer. You get the choice between more likes and more followers: and the scale on which you can grow is huge! What about, let’s say 5,000 followers? Done, in 72 hours. But of course, you can grow at a bit… less neck-breaking pace. 

Pick your package from 500 to 5000 likes/followers at prices ranging from 9.99$ to 69.99$ and grow instantaneously, now.


UseViral TikTok

Looking for someone with plenty of experience in social media networking, marketing, and promotion? Look no further than UseViral, a crew that has been around for years! It’s a TikTok growth service that relies on its vast network of users and contributors; and they are most likely eager to include you among their partners as well!

They spare you the laborious effort required to maintain an intensive campaign for growth and deliver TikTok video views, likes, and followers right to your doorstep. Well, profilestep, if you wish.

UseViral promises first results a few hours after the order, and complete results within 2 days of the order. Safety and reliability are their watermark quality switch they stick with.

A guarantee of replacement comes with the order if the number of followers/likes dissipates over time , and they will deliver more to cover the difference, so no worries. We see how skipping the whole growth process becomes quite an attractive proposal when UseViral does it for you!



If you sometimes see your TikTok profile as a ship lost at sea, struggling in a violent storm, or simply looking for a route towards the horizon, TokCaptain might be an essential part of your crew. This TikTok growth service provides just the amount of wind in the sails to get you going on your trip to fame.

It’s good if you’re just starting, good if you’re out of wind in the middle of your trip, and good if you’re going steady, but want to go steady faster. TokCaptain ship’s members come in the form of extra likes, video views, comments, and/or followers.

Likes and followers come in extra juicy offers called “Premium Likes” and “Premium Followers”! Beyond this, they guarantee delivery and authenticity of likes/followers. Sails, ahoy! 



Jeffrey may become your best pal in 30 seconds it takes to set him up. Jeffrey is an amiable growth service software for TikTok that’s hot right now. He’s honest with you: he’ll show what he does at all times via a sleek dashboard. But what does Jeffrey do?

Jeffrey is a bot that gets you real TikTok followers. In a stroke of artificial intelligence genius, he targets just the right people to join your TikTok army. He will get you the ideal crew for conquering TikTok!

Speaking of crew, Jeffrey handles a crew with ease. This TikTok bot is not limited to a single account, and you can hook him up with a bunch of accounts, and he’ll deliver additional followers to all of them!

Don’t think Jeffrey excels at efficiency only. He’s a security bot as well, as he takes dearly to keeping you on the safe side of TikTok terms of agreement. The guys behind Jeffrey seek long-term cooperation from their clients, thus they make sure you have a positive opinion of Jeffrey at all times.

Just check those reviews on their website–they are the proof of how much good has Jeffrey done growing TikTok accounts across the world.



Up until now we’ve taken for granted that you look for TikTok growth services only. However, maybe you are looking for multiple social media boosting? One social media growth is a rare thing nowadays.

Anyway, if that’s the case, FeedPixel is your thing. Come on, it’s a cute little unicorn bot that rocks TikTok aesthetics and brings extra followers, likes, and views in the same package!

Now, better take a seat for this; FeedPixel offers the initial growth for free. Yeah, 100 likes/followers/views free of charge. Consider it a trial version of a sort, because once you witness the quality of those 100 items, you’ll want to get more from FeedPixel.

And yes, FeedPixel offers likes, followers, and views (if you decide upon TikTok growth only, because there are additional packets for different social media), all from real followers and gained organically. Tap into their broad experience pool as they guarantee quality service or your money back!

On top of this, they offer loyal and available customer support 24/7. Check this cutie out, unicorn time is approaching!


Instamber TikTok

The name sounds awfully like the other big social media, but don’t worry, we’ve made no mistakes here–Instamber has branched out into the domain of TikTok. The most reputable Instagram growth service has branched out to deliver genuine followers, authentic likes, and previously unwitnessed growth to your TikTok profile.

A tried-and-true method of auto-following, auto-unfollowing, and auto-liking proves to be Instamber’s most efficient growth hack. This bot basically does everything that you would do, had you not devoted yourself to work, took a vacation, or spent time with your friends and family.

Yes, Instamber can be your doppelganger online, and no one would be able to notice that–least of all your TikTok followers, unless you tell them that yourself, of course. Instamber’s targeting services are amazing. The sheer variety in targeting filters and nifty tools that narrow down your search for the ideal follower is mind-boggling.

This nitpicking when it comes to targeting is what makes its campaigns so successful: after all, if you had the logistical capacity of the Instamber bot, would you miss the opportunity to be super-effective?

We think not. Hashtags, gender, usernames, language, location, interests… You name it, Instamber has it. And it’s very affordable: for 15$ per month you get your fully automated Instamber bot. What’s that, 50 cents a day? Please, do yourself a favor and get it right now.



Getinfame speaks for itself; use Getinfame and you’ll Get In Fame in no time! 

Jokes aside, Getinfame is the TikTok (among other social media) growth service, or rather an automation bot like a couple of others on our list. So, you want more TikTok followers? Looking for hashtag targeting, location filtering, language/gender/niche precision? Getinfame has it, whatever it is.

This bot will get your business going, and your fame cashing in. Likes and comments attract more likes and comments, naturally, and this is why you’re looking for a bot in the first place. Getinfame will do it automatically for you, and no one will notice a thing. 

You might think: yes, I’ve heard of software like this before, but automatically doing stuff will get TikTok security to dab on me before I even manage to say “I’m big on TikTok”. WRONG.

Getinfame’s smarter than TikTok bot-hunters. It has a built in mechanism that slows down the speed of its automation processes in order to not raise suspicion. And setting it up is a breeze. No downloading, no installing. No account limiting–run it on multiple accounts without restrictions or any additional fees.

No risk to your account’s safety: run a 3-day trial and see for yourself. Getinfame gets you in game as well as fame.



Vire is all about getting your TikTok viral–organically. Without bots, auto-likes, auto-followers, like group echo-chambers and like-for-like self-inflating clans. When you get Vire, you get the whole team behind it for yourself.

So what’s Vire? It’s a growth service that allows you to hire dedicated teams to run your TikTok for you. For as low as 29$ per week this agency will gather flocks of fans to follow your content, increasing your engagement and attracting real TikTok users.

They categorically recognize three types of customers: individual professionals, collective businesses/agencies, and major TikTok influencers. They are all catered through an intricate queuing mechanism that does not abuse TikTok’s terms of service and has never got anyone banned in the whole history of Vire.

How safe does “never got anyone banned before” sound to you? To us it sounds danger-proof. What does Vire’s team do? Never below what’s needed, never above the suspicious activity threshold. They will mostly like the content of relevant profiles, but can optionally comment, follow, and unfollow people in your stead.

We suspect your first doubtful thought: will they spam my reputation off? Vire says: never! They have a lot of respect towards spam limitations of TikTok and actively fight against other spammers. Say bye-bye to your competition using aggressive fake-bots; your own growth service will help put down malevolent TikTok activity.

The classic 3-day trial is another thing that allows Vire to go along such big growth service names that occupy this list. Test their services and verify their working practice. They will not disappoint.


TikTok growth services demarcate a line between successful influencers and abandoned accounts that were once full of promise. They divide users into awe-inspiring TikTok stars and averages that look for inspiration, but somehow never make that fateful break into stardom. 

These growth services that we vouch for will single-handedly kickstart your TikTok career.

And yes, we do not use the word “career” lightly; you might spend some bucks on these services, as none of them are completely free, but that is simply an investment that is bound to earn you money sooner or later.

According to some research, there are 75 million service growth installs out there on TikTok. If ever a thought crossed your mind to wonder where all those growth services ads and reviews come from, you may as well confirm your doubts with this info: almost 1/10 of TikTok users already use some sort of software assistance in growing your presence.

Think about competing against that without help of your own? We think not. But you are welcome to try, if you have spare money, time, and nerves. Again, we do not. Even if it were not for competition, going with TikTok growth services is so much easier.

Why would anyone spend time around the clock managing a social network that you probably have to invest somewhere else? We all love TikTok here, don’t get us wrong, but not enough to sacrifice income, leisure time, and time with our dear ones. 

Accept the bots. Utilize automation tools. Get started with growth services. It is more time-efficient. It is less of a hassle. It is simply better. You don’t have to thank us now. Thank us once you’re big on TikTok.

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