11 Best Hashtag Generator Tools for 2021

When was the first time you used a hashtag? More than a decade has passed since this word came out of the tech niche and entered into the common speech.

Today, hashtags run the world, both the digital and the analog parts of it. It is for this reason that you should keep an eye out for the top hashtag generator tools for the year that is soon to come–and stay ahead of your competition.

It is by now common knowledge that the proper use of hashtags can massively increase the interaction rate on your content. In fact, certain Instagram studies have shown more than quadruple boost of engagement rate of a post with 11+ hashtags when compared to a post with zero hashtags.

So, regardless of whether you use hashtags casually or for business purposes, a 400%+ boost in presence suddenly makes you much more prone to invest time and resources into hashtags, right?

Okay, we’ve got the part that hashtags are a must. However, what hashtags do I use? What’s the most appropriate to my niche? But what if the Internet market has already been oversaturated with this hashtag?

So many questions that ultimately boil down to two solutions: you either spend a vast amount of time gambling to potentially get a combination that would suit your needs, or you obtain the services of experts and their professional software. In this article, we will go with the more sensible and generally better option.

Best Hashtag Generator Tools

As the peculiar year of 2020 comes to a much-anticipated end, quick minds have already started looking towards the future for the best tools for the coming year. For this very same purpose we present to you, the top hashtag generator tools for 2021:

Task Ant

When it comes to hashtags, Task Ant makes a diligent virtual assistant and an ideal tool that quite literally takes all the hard labor from you.

Its multifaceted features help you find specific hashtags that work for you, store particularly effective hashtags for future use, and conduct various background research on hashtags metrics that further boost the efficiency of targeted placement of hashtags.

When put out like that, it seems obvious why Task Ant is the first choice for eager hashtag maestros!

But, praise aside, why is Task Ant so good?

First of all, its elaborate hashtag service provides meaningful and relevant hashtags that actually take into consideration your own account and the relevance that they have with your content.

The smart AI even digs into your previous posts to pinpoint those types of hashtags that yielded the best results. And the amount of fine-tuning filters is awesome!

And you should never worry about getting an influx of brilliant ideas or suggestions only to forget it afterwards: Task Ant makes sure that it stores all the five-star results in its neat archives.

Build your own library and share it across devices as Task Ant features marvelous synchronization and integrates seamlessly into your network of devices.

For beginners and experts alike, Task Ant is an obvious choice.



Flick’s a software that turns an eternity of pain-staking process of managing a hashtag empire into a fully automated task that gets done in a flick of time. So yeah, with Flick you get what you hear.

Consider this: every single search input returns up to 40(!) singled out and relevant hashtags that have been checked for flags and bans for maximum safety and productivity of your posts. Flick never crosses the line between legal and illegal, so no worries there–and this can be particularly useful when you couple it with the option of having the results come out in 20+ languages.

Isn’t it awesome? With Flick you can expand your targeting to tap into foreign audiences! How’s that for branching out in more feeds than ever before?

Similar to Task Ant, Flick utilizes a sleek and tidy virtual storage feature that is called Collections, and it’s pretty much what it sounds like. You can be confident that it will preserve all the best results and keep them from vanishing forever. 

Flick is also smart, with a built-in researcher that covers all your metrics by scanning the performance of most successful hashtags, both by you and the general audience across several social media. It can even come up with hashtag strategies on the go!

And if this doesn’t subscribe you to the idea some people have that Flick is the best hashtag option out there, it’s not done yet: you can get it for free for the duration of 7 days, after which you can choose to commit to one of the four pricing plans or look elsewhere. Kudos!



MetaHashtags came out this year only as an Instagram-exclusive, but we have high hopes that it’ll enter 2021 in big style! The one big thing that sets it apart is that producing relevant hashtags is not the only thing it does.

MetaHashtags has got a whole lab integrated into its software being in order to conduct experiments and run analyses to boost the reach of your posts and magnify the amount of presence you can obtain from them. Heaps of metrics will pinpoint each and every good and bad spot of your hashtagged posts!

To name a few, let’s go with the total number of likes per hashtag, total number of likes per hour, the post with the lowest number of likes, the average number of likes across the top posts with the same hashtag, as well as all that with comments, and so much more.

The biggest virtue of MetaHashtags is that its rich utility options come without the need to pay a dime! Get all that useful info free of charge! This does merit that you at least go and check them out, don’t you agree? 



Looking for a smart artificial intelligence virtual assistant that utilizes sharp software to transform and incentivize your data to deliver top quality hashtags? Here’s the name: Ingramer.

How does it work? Type in the magic word (in the form of a link or a keyword, that is) or show it a photo and it’ll kick start its AI mechanisms to deliver a pile of different hashtags, all sorted out in various useful categories. 

And it literally takes seconds. Beyond this, it divides the results into three groups according to targeting popularity/difficulty: frequent, average, and rare.

Once you get this info, Ingramer draws you a chart with a perfect proportion of all three categories, all fleshed-out for maximum efficiency and reach of your hashtags. It is totally worth $20 for the monthly subscription, in our honest opinion.

And yes, they allow you to try their product for free. Their Hashtag Generator feature allows for 3 inquiries free of charge, and an additional three after you register your account with them.

As Ingramer hosts a myriad of features for Instagram apart from the generator tool itself, it is worth mentioning that a bunch of those features like Instagram search, Ingramer downloader, and profile analyzer come free of charge, forever.



The bunch of hashtag tools mentioned up to this point included all kinds of extra software, some flavor, some functionality. However, to some, this is just an unnecessary complexity, as they would like to keep things as simple as possible.

So, you want some hashtags and nothing else? BigBangram might be your ideal hashtag generator. It’s a hashtag generator and nothing else!

But what it does it does flawlessly. Boiled down to its essence, BigBangram is a search bar. You type in an example hashtag that has come to your mind, and it generates 29 more that are related or similar to the example input.

These get sorted out into “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”, according to the difficulty it would cause when competing with other content creators.

In short, your task is to give it a hashtag, click twice, copy and paste. Optionally, swap out some of the given suggestions. Ready; set; click, click; done!

Voila, the hashtags are done, you can now go do other stuff. Simplicity does have its charms. Free of charge, even.



HashMaster is a hashtag generator tool coupled with organic social growth; if that sounds good to you as it sounds good to us, we’re all hit the jackpot. HashMaster boasts an innovative artificial intelligence tool that produces curated hashtags from an exhaustive database that gets updated on a daily basis.

Deep and intricate research conducted over a gigantic sample of social media users ensures that your hashtag results remain competitive, boost your engagement, and magnify your visibility several times over!

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, it’s packed in an approachable interface and done in just a couple of clicks. As thousands of users have confirmed via flattering reviews, you can expect to triple your regular growth with HashMaster!

The classic 7-day trial has found its home in this hashtag generator as well, after which it will cost you only $0.2–$0.1/search, depending on your pricing plan.



In dire need of hashtags that would go hand in hand with that particularly nice one you had just come up with? Well, Sistrix got you covered, no probs. Just like some other entries on this list, Sistrix requires a hashtag input in order to generate your 30-member hashtag family!

What makes Sistrix stick out? First of all, the curated hashtags have their origins in a gigantic database that holds more than 7 million entries and growing! All of them related and presented so that they can help this one you had singled out. 

The fine Sistrix services do not end here. All the given results are further classified into major categories that bear roots in different aspects, depending on the big classes your primary hashtag can fit into.

This way you can concentrate all your hashtag power into a specific category that you want to find your content delivered to.

How about the pricing of such a fine service? Non-existent, as the people behind it do not charge a cent for it! The first 25 searches per day come with no obligations whatsoever, and for subsequent entries, you need only register an account and you get unlimited hashtag generating services. Hoorah!



Besides boosting your Pinterest and Instagram social media presence, Tailwind has cooked a neat little hashtag generator tool in their 5-star kitchen lab. Refine your skills with this awesome piece of software that will manage your hashtags with ease, in addition to helping you transit to active hashtag records from those old stone-carved lists you’re probably using right now.

What’s fresh with Tailwind? Where do we even start?

Let’s try starting with the reasons why Tailwind’s hashtag generator’s list blows away the competition. Copy + pasting ancient hashtag scrolls is the widely used way today, but switching to Tailwind guarantees the services of an AI virtual assistant that provides hashtags unique to every post.

It also saves hashtag lists for your ease of access. Forget that nasty copy-pasting, Tailwind does everything instead of you. Well, okay, you have to click, like, twice. A pretty good improvement over the old premise, if you ask us. 

The whole package comes with a built-in clock that counts the best time for certain hashtags. Tailwind forecasts time like weather and predicts with precision the most efficient moment for publishing posts with relevant hashtags.

As we all know it, sometimes mere minutes separate a top trending post from the bottom-feeders on the popularity rankings. Presence on that list is the lifeblood of social media, this can’t be emphasized enough!

Wind that clock, lie down, take a nap, and rise to popularity. The Tailwind success formula.

All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All hashtag-related is the specialty of All Hashtag, pun intended. Seriously though, this winning software formula encompasses pretty much everything that a budding social media user will ever need from a hashtag generator. 

Now, to the details. The All Hashtag tool spawns hashtags by the means of 3 search modes that rely on keywords to curate hashtags with 3 times the amount of options. 

The first one, Top hashtags, allows the virtual intelligence software to tap into trending and “most popular” lists to deliver hashtags that will seek to strike a balance between popularity and relevance to your keyword. If it has to cut corners, it will stray away a bit from what you want, but won’t be cheap on popularity.

Random hashtags does what it says, it randomizes search results based on your keyword, which actually does wonders when you lack inspiration or you’re just feeling lucky. Who knows what may come around the corner? And the mix will include both the uber-popular and narrow niche results. 

Live hashtags observe what the users around the world pick when faced with the same keyword, and provides just that. No top results that seem artificial and overused, you get what fellow humans with human intuition and with a human touch choose at this very moment. Sometimes humans just beat the software, so why not try that and see how it goes?

Oh, and by the way, All Hashtag is free!



Going time-lite? DisplayPurposes requires no setup, software installation, subscription or anything like that. Perhaps it’s a light version of a hashtag generator, but don’t underestimate its virtues or you will fall under its charm. DisplayPurposes is simply gorgeous, attractive, and idiosyncratic; who says hashtags have to be text-restricted?

The fundamentals of a hashtag generator do not lack: it has auto and manual hashtag generating modes. If you’re in for some nit-picking, you can; if you want to copy-paste and be done with it, sure thing.

But please, consider this.

DisplayPurposes shines with its graphic features.

Check out Maps. Here you can track hashtags based on their location. Zoom into the country, state, even city, and see the locations from which specific hashtags have been posted. The ultimate result of this is a beautifully simple and elegant map that you can use in order to fine-tune your targeting and make it locally-relevant.

Another fav of ours is Graphs. Type in your hashtag and watch it form an intricate network of associated meanings with other related hashtags. Frankly, we used it just for the beauty of it for dozens of minutes after we got the hashtags that we wanted.

You can spend hours scrolling through symmetrical hashtag mazes–in fact, DisplayPurposes is so entertaining that hashtags almost turn out to be the secondary reasons of use, and having fun the primary one. 

Cheers for cleverness and aesthetics!



In need of something extra to boost your social media presence aside from getting those much needed hashtags? Cue Hashtagify, the popular hybrid of hashtag generating, curious researcher, and engagement amplifier, all in one!

It’s all-round when you feed him bulk hashtags, and overwhelmingly specific when you need to see just everything about that dope hashtag that’s your favorite among the bunch. Relevant hashtags, popularity meters, and trending results are Hashtagify’s speciality.

Turn on its dashboard to track your competition, or dip into the unknown with the help and logistical support of a smart AI; the choice is yours, the task is of that nifty little bot of Hashtagify. 

As soon as you have your pick of hashtags, Hashtagify rolls up its levees and starts amplifying the reach to get to a broader audience. The network does not include just different domains of audience but also helps you get in touch with other influencers.

Compare your plan with theirs and enter fruitful discussions–it’s not bot’s help that is the only key to hashtag success. 

The basic generator functions are free, and an affordable subscription, as low as $29/month, is required for more advanced social media growth software uses. 

But, Why Hashtag Generator Tools?

We live in the age of digital technologies, with all its good and bad sides. Of course, the good sides outweigh the bad by a lot. For example, let’s take hashtags into consideration.

The way the great algorithms work is by taking that hashtag and linking your post to all the posts with the same hashtag in current existence! The number of participants in some of the big hashtag networks reaches tens of millions. Whoa!

We, humans, possess pretty limited capabilities when it comes to processing tens of millions of posts, right? But the intelligent software today analyzes those networks before you have said “artificial intelligence software”.

How do Hashtags Work?

This might sound terrifying to certain technophobes and Luddites, no doubt. But just consider the marketing possibilities of such vast networks of users, all united under the same hashtag! Simply add that hashtag to your post and you have a chance to tap into this vast potential.

Understandably, it’s not that simple. Pick wrong hashtags and the vastness of the network might drown you. Or, pick wrong hashtags to see that your posts don’t really belong to that niche network you just tapped into. It can be hard.

That’s where hashtag generators come in. No person can analyze exactly what hashtag performs best in a given network, but all good hashtag generators can. All the ones on our list do, at least. 

What are the Benefits of Smart Hashtagging? 

Smart hashtag placement will place your content on the homepage of a great number of users. And, when it comes to social media, the presence of your posts is what makes your name going.

Whether you do social media for business or for personal branding reasons, your success is measured by the number of followers, and the followers get converted by smart targeting of your posts. The more followers you get, the bigger the target audience becomes, and pretty fast you can snowball into fame.

Hashtags can get your posts to be seen by more people, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. And it’s not a 10% growth either; the increase in the percentage of engagement growth can reach three digits easily. Doubling your social media presence can pretty much become a game-changer. 

Final Thoughts

The world of hashtags is comparatively young, but it has grown increasingly dominant and pretty complex. An odd word has started turning the world! But you don’t need to break your head over it. We’ve invented software for a reason.

Consider trying some of the hashtag generators above, and you will never need to worry about hashtag functionalities again. It’s fun to know the details, sure, but it’s no fun to do it on a daily basis when you can get a neat virtual assistant that will get the job done even better than a human.

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