Top 25 Android App Development Companies

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There is no counter to the fact that mobile apps are important for your business. Whether your objective is to increase sales, provide your customers an interactive interface to browse products or create a seamless internal corporate communication experience. Android applications are central to expand the reach of your business and build a stronger brand presence.

This is why, as a business, you must invest in and hire the highest quality Android app development companies to build innovative apps that upscale your business. From enterprise Android app development to custom mobile apps for your local business. There are countless Android app development agencies to outsource services from around the globe that make selecting the best, a daunting choice. 

The following are the best Android app development companies that provide the best returns and value for money. Handpicked after extensive research, these agencies create innovative Android app solutions across devices that make a real difference to your business. 

Best Android App Development Companies 


Let your business reach its true potential with one of the best Android app development companies offering services globally. If you have an overarching business idea, they will provide you with the latest tools and technologies along with an expert workforce to implement that idea. From web analytics and link building to site mapping and pay-per-click services. Fully Digital builds impeccable mobile or tablet apps to fulfill whatever business goal that you might have. 

They offer two basic Android app development plans namely, Professional at $59 and Enterprise at $299. These plans include services such as keyword results, territory data, competition metrics, reports and insights, and more. The Enterprise plan comes with additional API access. What makes Fully Digital worth giving a try is the completely free Trial Plan. You could also access the Professional and Enterprise plan free for up to seven days, before purchasing a subscription. If you want to build optimized Android apps for your business, then Fully Digital is where your answer lies. 


One of the top Android app development companies, Grow Branding offers advanced IT solutions for your business. Whether you are a startup or a local business trying to meet the needs of an expanding market. This Android app development company caters to businesses of every size and budget. Backed by a dynamic team of professionals, this agency applies robust marketing strategies to deliver multi-device app solutions that accelerate business growth. 

Further, they bring optimization techniques to execute your business idea in a way that leverages the potential of mobile app marketing. Some of the highlights of Android app development services from Grow Branding include network monitoring, big data analysis, security of business ideas and great quality. They also provide a live support panel through which you can receive constant updates on the development process. This ensures transparent communication at every stage of app development. If you are looking for custom-tailored applications for your business, then Grow Branding is your ultimate destination for that. 


Are you looking for bespoke Android app development services for outlasting innovation and leveraging technology? Then, Label Firm, being one of the best Android app development companies that it is, is just the perfect end to your search. It provides bespoke branding and marketing solutions to bring an action to your online business through unique Android app development. Further, they ensure accurate and precise implementation to build mobile, tablet, or wearable Android apps exactly as you want. 

From Label Firm, you get Android app development services that are backed by extensive competitor research and analysis. As such, mobile apps built at this agency are bound to generate traction, engagement, and mobilize revenue generation once launched in the market. Further, with scalable and flexible mobile app solutions for any industry, Label Firm is proven to create personalized experiences for your customers. Choose this Android app developer to drive trailblazer success. 


Are you looking for advanced Android device app solutions that revolutionize the way you do business? Then with Sky Branding, you are at the right place. With bespoke Android app development solutions, Sky Branding quite literally does what its name suggests, that is, taking your brand to sky-heights. Further, it engineers Android apps to meet a range of business objectives. Be it generating revenue, facilitating customer support, eCommerce integration or more. No matter the goal you want to achieve, they will come up with an innovative Android app to do precisely the task.

Sky Branding offers three basic Android app development plans that cater to every budget and business. These are – Basic at $39/month, Professional at $59/month, and Advanced at $79/month. The plans include Android app design and development, data security along with quality assurance, and multiple testing rounds. Backed by 15 + years in the industry, Sky Branding builds mobile apps that are creative, intelligent, and futuristic. In brief, mobile apps from this Android app development agency are the building blocks for making your business successful. 


This Android app development agency ranks among the top in its category. With innovative IT solutions and creative professionals, Shoutzer builds mobile apps for businesses in every domain. Further, whether you have a business idea to implement or a goal that you want to achieve through an app for your business. This Android app development company boasts the latest technology and industry experience to build exactly the app that you want. 

From designing to development and data security, they pay attention to every detail to engineer Android apps to perfection. They deploy the latest technology including an extensive range of codes, frameworks, libraries, and tools for building mobile apps requiring any scale of programming complexity. Shoutzer, with its ultimate goal to help your business succeed, is just the Android app development company to outsource for building your next Android app. 

Hedgehog Lab

Do you want to build an intelligent, Android OS-based digital app for your business to enhance the user experience? Then, Hedgehog Lab is just where you can harness the power of mobile technology to grow your business and build a stronger brand presence. They bring technical excellence along with creative design to build mobile apps that your customers love. Further, they create unique and responsive Android apps from scratch that can immediately put your business, a step ahead of your competitors. 

Android apps from Hedgehog Lab are proven to rank among the most effective, engaging, and leading worldwide rankings. They utilize the latest technology including Artificial Intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and more to provide an immersive, unintrusive app experience. This allows your business to connect with its customers on a more personalized level. In effect, it optimizes customer relationship management, boosts sales, increases revenue generation, and more. For building Android apps that create an impact, Hedgehog Lab is your ultimate technology and development partner. 

Willow Tree Inc.

Based in the USA and serving leading brands globally, Willow Tree is among the giants in Android app development. Boasting an impressive portfolio of brands including Nestle, American Express, HBO, and more. This Android app development agency builds world-class digital apps that matter. They specialize in creating enterprise-grade, custom Android apps engineered to meet the unique needs of your business. Be it ideating or taking up development at another stage of the development cycle. Willow Tree’s expert native app development technology has got you covered. 

This Android app development agency leverages everything that Android technology has to offer. By doing so, they create app products that deliver value and a seamless experience to your customers. They build, test, deploy and maintain the Android apps at scale. Further, the apps, with their next-generation, future-proof architecture, are quite flexible when upgrading with new features. When you sign for app development services with Willow Tree, be sure that only phenomenal designers, product strategists, and programmers are at your project. 


Consultica is one of the best Android app development companies to hire for your next mobile app development project. It takes your business on a journey, starting from a business idea at the top of your head to an actual application, rated at the top of App Stores. This full-service mobile consultancy and developer enables your business to unlock its digital potential through high-quality code, user-friendly design and attractive designing. With futuristic Android app solutions, Consultica has a history of working with global brands like Forbes, Mashable, The Wall Street Journal, and more. 

What makes Consultica a sought-after Android app development agency is their detailed and transparent roadmap. From ideation and planning to design and to quality and assurance and also, distribution and analytics. They pay close attention to every stage in the app development cycle. Further, no matter how challenging your business app idea is, this agency has the requisite competence as well as the expertise to meet that challenge head-on. 

Science Soft Inc

Science Soft is one of the premier solutions for the highest quality, professional Android app development services. Whether you want to build business applications, SMS/MMS apps, or apps for geocoding, navigation and social media integration. Science Soft harnesses digital technology to deliver expert Android apps for all purposes that can make a positive impact to your business. Their strategy is backed by an innovative approach, a mature project management with a focus grounded on your business goals. 

Science Soft utilizes the latest programming languages with advanced technology, frameworks and development environments such as AI, IoT, Virtual Reality, Data Science etc.. Using these, it builds intelligent mobile applications that can put you ahead of the competition in no time. Further, they also allow systems integration with your internal corporate systems. With Science Soft’s classic Android app solutions, your business can enhance ERP, customer engagement, productivity and connectivity. With a detailed timeline, seasoned professionals and out-of-the-box agility to implement complex business ideas, this agency is your partner for innovative app development. 

Intellect Soft LLC

One of the most reliable Android app development companies, Intellect Soft brings intelligent solutions to take your business to the next level. No matter the brand, business domain, or type of Android device. With Intellect Soft, you get a solid solution to meet the requirements unique to your business. They utilize a range of Android development tools, technologies, frameworks and libraries to build cutting edge apps that appeal to your customers. 

This Palo Alto, California based Android app development company ensures to create customer oriented solutions that are engineered to perfection by orchestrating the latest technology. Further, Intellect Soft caters to multiple industries – from travel, hospitality, and retail to ecommerce. Boasting an impressive portfolio of clients including Nestle, Clinique and Harley Davidson, among others, this Android app development agency tackles difficulties of any scale and complexity. Impactful and reliable, custom mobile apps from Intellect Soft come with a promise of a nuanced experience for your customers. 

Freshworks Studio

Are you looking for remarkable digital solutions that transform the way your business interacts with the customers? If yes, then Freshworks Studio is just the right place to be. With a stable, secure and a scalable code to back powerful apps, this Android app development company innovates solutions to build the right digital product for your business. Further, with customized Android apps, they help your business develop agility and accelerate growth, sales and revenue. 

Freshworks Studio provides your business with a team of expert and experienced Android app developers who can create exactly the code to build you an exceptional app. Further, be it any aspect of app development – from researching customers and assessing technical requirements, to designing an elegant UI followed by quality assurance checks. This Android app development agency caters to all, besides being adaptable and reducing operational costs. With Freshworks Studio, you are signing up to hire your ultimate Android technology partner. 


A leading name among the best Android app development agencies, Cubix is the right choice regardless of whether you are a freelancer, a startup or an enterprise-grade business. It innovates digital solutions to deliver a seamless customer experience to your customers as well as in internal corporate systems. Through an elaborate and sophisticated development process, Cubix builds full stack mobile apps that are purpose-driven and directed to maximize business revenue. 

With offices in Florida, Karachi and Dubai, this Android app development agency delivers services globally. It builds enterprise grade applications that cater to everything from HR to e-commerce to marketplace and public sector. No matter how complex a business idea you want to implement. This Android app development company has the expertise and the resources to transform it into a concrete digital reality. They do so by leveraging technologies, and frameworks as well as maintaining the highest coding standards. With Cubix, build Android apps that are not just robust and well-crafted, but also intuitive, responsive and user friendly.  


N-iX is one of the top mobile app development companies that specialize in developing dynamic products for tech companies and leading enterprises. Based in Ukraine and Poland, this agency offers services globally for custom consumer mobile applications and enterprise mobility solutions for Android OS as well as other technology systems. They offer full-cycle app development, starting from conceptualization, UI/UX design, prototyping, programming to quality assurance, testing and support.  

The team at N-iX brings expertise across multiple domains. Some of these include Native Android applications, custom mobile app development, cross-platform mobile apps, mobile games, and more. Backed by in-depth business analysis and research, this team collaborates closely with every client to identify and overcome key challenges through the Android app. Further, they build ultra-responsive apps that can handle high load and large volumes of server requests. With years’ worth of expertise in Business Intelligence, Cloud Solutions and more, N-iX spans all industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, retail, logistics and supply chain management, this Android app developer has you covered for innovative digital applications. 

Blue Label Labs

Uncover the transformative potential of digital technology with this Android app development company. Blue Label Labs is an acclaimed agency, known for its lean design sprints and agile app development. If you have a business idea that you want to implement, they have the strategy and technology to make your idea into a full-fledged digital product. With over 10 years of industry experience, this company displays a proven track record of building sustainable, revenue-boosting mobile applications. 

Blue Label Labs develop multi-device applications – from mobile apps to those for TV, wearable tech and more Android OS devices. Further, this agency boasts an impeccable portfolio, working with leading brands including American Express, Bloomberg, Columbia University and more. Android apps developed by this company have also featured top ratings on Google Play store. If you are looking for business growth and optimization, then Blue Label Labs is the most suitable destination for you. 

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Based in India, Hyperlink InfoSystems is one of the leading providers of Android app development services to businesses globally. With a presence over every major industry verticals including eCommerce, social networking, education, healthcare, real estate and entertainment, this company develops apps to suit the needs peculiar to every business. Apart from mobile apps, Hyperlink InfoSystems specializes in enterprise apps, app integration, game development, UX/UI design and more. 

What makes this app development agency a sought-after choice is precisely their technology stack. They leverage latest programming languages, frameworks, Android versions and development tools to create technologically advanced apps with customized user interfaces. Further, they build bug-free, responsive apps fast and within budget. Also, these apps are flexible to future technology upgrades or migration. You can also consult Hyperlink InfoSystems for taking over development at any stage of app development lifecycle or for optimization of existing apps. Choose this Android app development agency for affordable, qualitative and intelligent Android apps that will take your business from good to great. 


Eleks is your ultimate technology partner for building innovative and dynamic Android app solutions that resolve the most critical of customer management problems. Whether your goal is to develop a flexible communication channel for your customers or facilitate eCommerce through an Android app. Eleks boasts a team of exceptional talent and expertise who will design just the right Android solution that your business needs. Further, their team offers tailored support at every stage of the development process. By doing so, they help you deliver end-to-end custom Android apps on time, within the set budget and scope.

Besides development, you can also avail services for application re-engineering and optimization at Eleks. With Android apps from this agency, you get a guarantee of flawless performance, robust security and an enhanced user experience. Further, their apps maximize efficiency and ensure agility all while maintaining strict adherence to development deadlines. However, what makes Android apps from Eleks worth considering is ultimately their futuristic vision. 

Droids on Roids

Take the stress of mobile app development off your shoulders with one of the most sought-after Android app development agencies. Droids on Roids specializes in custom Android app development and builds top-notch apps within stipulated time and budget. With an elaborate roadmap for app development, quality assurance, and testing, this agency brings everything you need for the project under one roof. Further, it utilizes high-end tools, technologies and skills to create next-generation apps that are loaded with features. 

From creating Android apps from scratch to optimizing existing apps, Droids on Roids caters to all. They help you reach your customers wherever they are through engagement models that are tailored for your business. Whether you want an app for mobile ecommerce, or for industries such as lifestyle, fintech, health and medicine. With this Android app development company, you can bring all your business ideas to life. If user-friendly and beautifully designed Android apps are on your mind, then Droids on Roids might help you actualize them.   


Give your business the gift of better revenue, improved brand awareness and amplified influence by outsourcing services from one of the best Android app development companies. Backed by 15 + years of industry experience, FIVE is the pioneer in mobile app design and development. Their unique approach curates the development cycle grounded on concrete data. Like digital scientists, they perform extensive research, testing, validation and measure products at every stage of Android app development. 

Based in New York, FIVE is an agency that specializes in agile development by leveraging programming languages such as, Java, Dot NET, besides utilizing advanced technological frameworks. Further, they approach the development process in a way that minimizes costs and increases returns on investment. As such, their approach to Android app development is scientific and which leverages the potential of methodologies and technology. So, whether your requirement is Android app optimization or development. With FIVE, there is literally no place else to chase.  


Fulfill the vision of your business with one of the best Android app development companies, which is Orases. They help your business step ahead of its competition with custom mobile app solutions across Android devices. Fast and efficient, they build apps that have the most responsive and intuitive user interface. Whether you want to streamline business processes or create a platform for your customers. Orases turns the most complex concepts into an Android application that helps to expand your business. 

Application development services from Orases are designed to address a range of business requirements. These include, native or hybrid app development, business management apps, social media integration, enterprise applications, application modernization, process automation and more. Also, these Android app solutions span multiple industries, be it logistics, healthcare, media and entertainment, restaurants, sports, retail and more. Custom Android app development from Orases allows for complete product ownership and upgradation flexibility. In effect, you can gain a competitive edge with an application that optimizes workflow, and eventually drives growth faster.  


If you want to redefine the mobile experience of your customers and transform the way they approach your business, then with AppInventiv, you are at the right place. Through transformation fueled by technology, they deliver exceptional navigation experiences in the form of an Android application.  No matter how complex a business idea or an obstacle that is preventing growth. With AppInventiv, you can surmount them with apps built at scale and speed and which drive innovation. 

Leveraging the Android ecosystem, this Android development agency builds apps for multiple Android devices. These include, mobile phones, tablets, TV and wearables. Besides end to end development, AppInventiv delivers solutions for discovery, UX/UI design, Play store submission, architecting new frameworks, post-launch support and analysis and more. Further, they also power the apps with integrations including GPS, payment gateways, custom APIs and more. Choose AppInventiv for innovation driven talent and intelligent technology that is impactful and market-ready.

Konstant Infosolutions

Do you want to build feature-rich mobile apps which make your customers turn to your business, again and again? Then, Konstant Infosolutions is your ultimate solution for that. With top-notch solutions for delivering a transformative mobile experience to your customers, this Android app development company guarantees total client satisfaction. With expertise in domains including app prototyping, strategy, social media or e-commerce integration, and more. Konstant Infosolutions brings requisite experience, infrastructure and technology for accelerating your business growth.  

Their mobile first approach and rigorous requirement analysis optimize the development process to reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Further, they develop Android apps spanning a variety of industry verticals. These include healthcare, food and restaurant, education, media and entertainment and more. Whether you want to build native, hybrid or cross-platform Android apps, Konstant Infosolutions caters to them all. If you are on the lookout for dynamic digital app solutions for your business, then this is where your search ends. 

iTech Art Group

Are you looking for intelligent and creative Android apps that your customers swear by? Then, look no further than iTech Art, that leverages high-end technology to create apps that align with your business goals. With full blown, scalable and highly customizable Android apps, this agency delivers professional excellence throughout the development cycle. Be it business critical applications, m-commerce, utility applications or apps for healthcare and education. If there is a business idea you need implemented, iTech Art will turn it into a functional product ranking the charts of Play Store.  

iTech Art brings the power of latest technology and builds a stack that is optimal to help you achieve business objectives. Some of these include programming languages such as Java and Kotlin, Android Studio, Internet of Things besides API and Tools that are next generation. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise grade business, whether you are looking for a mobile first strategy or a full-fledged app development. Go no further than iTech Art for app development that will help your business succeed in a mobile first Android ecosystem. 

Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is one of the leading companies in innovation and next generation technology. They bring the expertise of Silicon Valley to digital products that leave an impact on your customers. In fact, they build apps that optimize every touchpoint of your customer’s journey. From ideating concepts to prototyping, development and delivery. Each stage of Android app development lifecycle is elaborate, researched and well planned for optimum execution. 

With agility, experimentation and the ability to build at scale and on budget. This Android app development company engineers mobile app solutions that enhance user experience. Further, their portfolio features top brands such as PayPal, American Express and more, which testifies to its prowess. Whether you want to multiply revenue, or boost brand awareness or develop an interface to interact with your customers. Choose Y Media Labs to build apps that are impactful and agile. 


Bringing custom Android app development to meet your exclusive business needs is what iFlexion masters in. With full cycle development services that cover every aspect of app building, this agency boasts over 20 years of industry expertise. It upscales enterprise application development to streamline business processes, workflows and customer or internal communications. Its services cover all spectrums – application design, development, maintenance, testing and support along with flexible engagement models and broad project scopes. 

From native applications to cross platform coverage, iFlexion caters to all for consumer-oriented or internal corporate requirements. Further, their applications are not just digital products, but a well-crafted mobile experience for your customers. Known for scalability and interoperability, applications from this company utilize advanced frameworks and components, APIs, Libraries and IoT technology such as Brillio and Weave. If dynamic and next-gen is what your business envisions in the future, then with iFlexion, you are already a step closer to fulfilling that vision. 


Miquido is your one-stop solution to world-class Android app development that is bold, modern and driven by concrete data. The team at Miquido consists of exceptional talent in strategy, design and development. They collaborate to produce digital products that catalyze your business through responsive Android apps across devices. Further, they develop tangible digital solutions at the schedule that you want and at costs that fit your budget. 

From cross-platform Android apps to native and hybrid applications. Whatever your requirement is, the team at Miquido is ready for your project. Their approach is targeted to deliver a unique user experience through an app that is stable and performs. They leverage programming languages including Java and Kotlin to modernize applications or develop them from scratch. What further makes Miquido a sought after choice is that their experts understand the emerging technological sphere. In effect, they create dynamic app solutions to align your business with precisely that. 

Android App Development Guide: How to Choose the Best Android App Developer?

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Before outsourcing services from an Android development agency, it is crucial to consider certain factors that can make or break the deal. Be it experience, portfolio of the apps built so far, or development and delivery management. As a business, you need to put a tick on these factors and more before outsourcing app development services to meet business goals.

The following is a detailed guide consisting of the factors that will help you choose the best Android app developer. 

  • Outline Your Requirements, Goals, and Scope

To maximize the potential of an Android app for business, it is crucial to know precisely what its objectives are. What are the goals that you want to achieve through the mobile app? Do you want the app for providing a seamless shopping experience to your customers or to facilitate communication? This is the first step when you are planning to hire an Android app development agency. Once you know the exact objectives of your app, your search for a developer can be more refined.

You can find precisely that Android app development company that specializes in the domain of your potential app. In this way, your business can leverage the Android app to its maximum potential by getting maximum traction in the long term. 

  • Competence, Efficiency and Experience of the Developer

The next important factor to consider while outsourcing Android app development is the experience and expertise of the company. The best way to identify this is through the company’s portfolio. Look out for past projects, the experience of the Android app developers and the sustainability of the apps that they have created. At this stage, it is crucial to look out for quality more than the quantity of the projects.

Further, specialization in the domain, technical skills, and creative potential of the developed apps help to understand the quality of services offered by a particular agency. One of the other ways to know the efficiency and competency of the Android app development agency is client reviews and feedback. Since they have first-hand experience in hiring the developer, client reviews can help you identify gaps, or power points in their services.

  • Quality Assurance, Testing and Delivery Management

An Android app might still have technical errors or bugs after it has been developed. This is why advanced measures in quality assurance and regular testing are crucial to providing a seamless user experience. Moreover, Android apps might need to evolve with emerging technology or changing markets. This is why future upgrades, as well as manual testing measures, are what you should look out for while hiring an Android app development agency.

Further, timely delivery is another significant factor. Does the developer hold a reputation for a deadline-oriented approach? Does it provide constant updates on the status of the app development? Before outsourcing mobile app development services, make sure that you checklist these factors. 

  • Know the Development Approach, Know the People

Android app development from a less experienced Company X might be better compatible for your business than from a more experienced Company Y. The idea, therefore, is to know an agency’s development approach and the people who would be at your project. The development approach includes the technologies and methodology used for app development and more. Further, what are the technical skills of the Android app developers who would be at work to build the required app for your business?

Backing your search for an Android app development company with these factors will help you find the best people for the job. As such, the app thus created, will generate maximum returns and meet your business goals head-on. 

  • Transparency of Communication

Communication is the most overlooked and yet, the most crucial aspect whenever you are outsourcing services for mobile app development. Be it before, during or after the app development. There are several concerns that must be addressed at each stage of the project. Hence, transparency in communication is essential throughout the timeline of the project. Outsource app development services from an agency that facilitates this transparency.

Be it delineating project requirements, deadline extensions, future upgrades or more. Look out for whether your concerns are timely addressed at any stage. Alternatively, client feedback is a great source to verify if communication is clear and matter of fact throughout the development process. Better communication ensures reliability and assures that Android app development for your business is in the right hands. 

  • Quality Above Cost

Some of the best Android app development companies are often also expensive in their services. However, it is always wise to pay more in the present to reap long-term benefits in the future in the form of the app. Therefore, before outsourcing Android app development services, it is crucial to test the company for quality.

When you do find the best in class quality, do not hesitate to pay the requisite cost for building a stellar app. That said, it is also true that the most expensive is not necessarily the best value for money. As such, the foremost criteria should be quality – of past projects, technical and design skills, technology, and infrastructure. For this, perform thorough research on the Internet and read through client reviews and feedback.


Android apps are more than necessary for the success of any business today. With a number of device options, people today want to access information, news, and data wherever they are and on whichever device they are using. Be it tablets, mobile phones or wearable Android devices. Android app development is a key ingredient for the success of businesses in all domains, be it healthcare, e-commerce, food delivery, travel or fashion, and retail. Multi-device applications maximize growth, amplify brand awareness and attract more customers for your business, thereby boosting sales and converting leads. 

There can never be reasons enough to build an Android app to market and manage your business with more efficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Outsource expert app development services from the best-in-class Android app development companies to accelerate business growth. 

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