Top 6 Points To Consider Before Choosing The Right Instagram Influencer For Your Brand

Searching for an influencer for Instagram marketing is not as easy as a Google search. It’s not like you will type top Instagram influencers on Google and you will get a detailed list of them. To make your Instagram marketing campaign successful you have to collaborate with the influencers who are relevant, engaging, and well suit your brand values.

You also have to be aware and check whether the influencer you are intending to approach is fake or real. Hearing all these you may think that finding the right influencer is a tough process. Well, don’t get de-motivated but yes indeed it is.

To help you out we will discuss the top 6 points that you must consider before choosing the right Instagram influencer for your brand.

Check Your Goals

Before starting your marketing campaign or beginning your search for Instagram influencers the first thing that you have to do is to set your goals. Besides spreading brand awareness there can be other goals also like content creation, sales or app downloads, newsletter subscribers or followers on social media, etc.

So, it is essential to collaborate with influencers only after setting your goals as your goals will decide what type of influencer you should go for. For example, let us assume that your aim is content creation, so in such cases, you have to reach influencers who have excellent photography skills.

Type of the Audience

As said in the previous point, influencer marketing will be successful only when you have well-set goals and for achieving those goals you need to have thorough knowledge about your audience. Influencers have a huge follower base and are sometimes also blindly believed by people. So, collaborating with an influencer is an effective way of communicating with your audience.

But, here also you have to keep one thing in mind; if you want to reach your potential consumers then you should collaborate with only those influencers who have the relevant audience base for your brand. You can take the help of influencer marketing platforms to identify such influencers if you want.


Already mentioned at the beginning of the article that you must check whether the influencer you are planning to collaborate with is real or not. To check whether the influencer is authentic or not, the most basic thing that you can do is to check his or her Instagram profile thoroughly.

Check that whether in the sponsored posts they are mentioning something related to the product and its brand or in the captions like how the products can be used, how will they be beneficial for his or her followers, why they are promoting that particular brand, and what made them love that brand. There might be some influencers who already are a fan of your brand, to find those influencers check the hashtags and mentions related to your brand.

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It will be absurd if you approach a vegan influencer to promote your meat products. So, always check whether the values of you and your intended influencer match or not. Again, to check whether their values match with yours, scroll through their posts, captions and bio.

In most cases, their bios will help you a lot to know what they like and dislike, whether they are ambassadors of any brand, if yes then what and whether that brand is of the same domain as yours. Check their existing contents to ensure whether they will be able to make contents relevant to your brand or not


Instagram influencers need to post high-quality content regularly to engage their followers and create a loyal audience base. So, when you will scroll through the profile of your intended influencer make sure to check the frequency of their sponsored posts. But this does not mean that you will collaborate with influencers who only post sponsored content.

Too much-sponsored content might put their creditability at risk. So, make sure that the influencer has a proper balance between the sponsored and unsponsored content. An easy way to check this is to read the comments of their followers on sponsored posts because too many negative comments indicate that the influencer promotes too many brands.


To have a smooth and effective collaboration, ensure that your intended influencer is reliable or not. If you see that the influencer is taking too much time to reply to your messages then you should become aware that he or she is a slow communicator and it is better not to go for such influencers who are slow at communications as this will lead to ineffective collaborations that will ultimately result to nothing useful. Reliable influencers are very active and have a professional and prompt way of communicating.


These are the 6 points that you must keep in mind for choosing the right Instagram influencer for your brand. The right influencer plays an important role in boosting your marketing campaign, so be very careful while choosing them.


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