Top 7 Twitter Growth Services for Power Users

Twitter is often considered to be the “elite” of social media. It has been around for nearly one and a half-decade and has garnered quite a reputation for itself. Whether you want to consider yourself an elite social media user, get in contact with your business or niche, or become an influencer with decent visibility, you need your Twitter to be big.

Otherwise, you might as well e-mail your content to those dozen receptive people, right? Consider these top Twitter growth services to start getting big now.

Some people weigh in the benefits of using a Twitter growth service against the cost of running an automated growth campaign. Consider this: there are 330 million registered Twitter accounts.

How many clients does your business have daily? How high is the number of people whom you can approach with your content on a daily basis without Twitter? 

The odds favor the following answer: no matter how successful/popular you are, without a sufficiently large audience on social media, you simply can’t reach enough people. We live in a global village where digital presence means the lifeblood of the economy.

Have you seen the numbers of Twitter-based revenue people have been earning? And how much do you think a growth service costs? Millions? Thousand? No, of course not. 

Excuses slip through like water through closed fingers. If you’re small, you want to go big. Even if you’re big, you’ll have to double your efforts just to maintain the level of engagement you have. And make no doubt that your competition exponentially quickly switches over to growth services.

But have no fear. It is not too late. And we’re here to help you. Here is a top Twitter growth services list along with their major perks & benefits accounted for so that you can reach your own conclusion. Let’s begin.

Best Twitter Growth Services


Twesocial - Twitter Growth Service

If you have ever heard much about Twitter growth services, you have probably heard about Twesocial. It is one of the most popular Twitter growth services out there, and this reputation is not without merit.

So, what is Twesocial? It is a Twitter service that gets more real Twitter followers, without automated bots and fake accounts. Their goal is clear: grow naturally and attract followers that will be there to stay–and engage.

With Twesocial you will obtain a dedicated team that will manage your account and ensure high levels of growth. You only have to point them towards your ideal target and they will manage everything else; a quick interview with the team manager is all it takes.

The perks? Their strategy revolves around relevant hashtags, usernames, specific locations, and tips for improving content. A high degree of optimization from some of the world’s leading social media managers will get your Twitter rolling in no time.

It does need mentioning that unlike some other services, the whole process is perfectly safe, as it goes hand in hand with all Twitter terms of agreement. Your account will never get banned. Furthermore, your account stays in your control, as you never lose control over it and you can at all times access it and post as before.

Their services come in two varieties: Regular and Pro. Regular gives you everything mentioned earlier at 49$ per month, with a cancel-any-time policy. Pro gives all that plus priority support and doubles the basic exposure at 99$ per month. 

Do you see why Twesocial is so popular?



In need of authentic followers for your Twitter? Struggling with stagnation, yet you do not want to buy a number, but desire organic growth? Like the previous entry in this article, Tweeteev is a Twitter growth service that operates by boosting the natural growth of your audience.

Tweeteev are all about enhancing your campaign to perfection with sophisticated account management teams who are seasoned in the industry and guarantee success.

Provide them with simple answers about your target audience and goals you have envisioned for your account, and go spend time with your business, with family, or anywhere else for that matter. You will grow big on Twitter without the need to sacrifice a huge chunk of your time.

Within hours you will be able to see the results of their ingenious campaigns for yourself: your Twitter follower count will literally grow in front of your eyes.

However magical it sounds, it is nothing supernatural but the work of sophisticated targeting mechanisms and optimization methods that have helped many before you. In the social media industry, nothing beats experience.

And never doubt the safety of your account–the guys behind Tweeteev say they have never had an account banned. Also, they are confident enough in their work to allow you to cancel at any time if for any reason you decide to do so. 

Now that is some service!


Jarvee Twitter

As Twesocial is popular with Twitter, Jarvee is popular with… well, practically every social media. How come?

You’ve heard about Jarvee. They are huge. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn… Their software has expanded over them all. Due to the vast area covered by their network, Jarvee’s automation growth service has support from everywhere.

The team behind Jarvee has vouched to create software to reign back in the unstable and uncontrollable market that is social media. How did they do that?

By creating a fully automated and streamlined marketing process! The many features that this growth service employs ensures the quickest possible organic growth of your fanbase.

Schedule your posts for optimal reach, and save weeks of time in the process. Automatic mentions, likes, follows, unfollows, and refollows ensure fully automated engagement that provokes user interaction.

Jarvee’s auto retweet connects you with your target audience easily, with even automated messages to make a full circle of automating your Twitter functions. Add spin syntax and night break mode to the mix and you have the award-winning recipe for Twitter automation success.

There is no need for blind trust with either us or Jarvee: they offer a 5-day trial completely free. That your time is valuable is something they know, and they make sure they will not waste it for you.


Hootsuite Twitter

Hootsuite is the mastermind behind the success of your Twitter account. Your tweet’s, your targets’ tweets, everybody’s tweets have valuable information that Hootsuite’s metrics can use to your advantage.

This comprehensive growth service software is your window into the world of marketing insight, as it comes in a form of a dashboard that has everything you need right there on it.

Hootsuite monitors top rating content and topics on Twitter, compares that with an elaborate analysis of your own Twitter activity, boosts the efficiency of the less optimized parts of your marketing machinery, and, finally, integrates those parts into a whole for a massive increase in engagement.

Less time, more engagement, and that makes Hootsuite irreplaceable.

Seamlessly incorporate and automate videos into your Tweets, schedule your posting and messaging, and craft templates that can be used to send thousands of messages with a single click; these are only a couple of perks Hootsuite offers to its clients.

As if not enough, Hootsuite allows focusing on specific metrics and tracking their performance throughout the publishing process. 

And yes, your whole team can use it. In fact, Hootsuite specializes in team operations by highlighting certain components to specific members of your team for maximum specialization.

Practically a whole management team simulated within a piece of software which you can supervise even from an iPhone, iPad, or Android. Anywhere. 


HypeGrowth Twitter

In a hype to grow your Twitter? HypeGrowth seems to be the logical answer.

This Twitter automation tool claims to firmly increase the authority of your Twitter. You know what? They might just be right.

Organic growth is the HypeGrowth’s purpose, by the means of automation, of course. They have invested the effort to calculate how much time Twitter consumes per monthly basis if done right–the answer is 84 hours per month. HypeGrowth allows you to take that time and claim it back.

Cue the recipe for automated organic Twitter growth–a dedicated account manager of your own! No pesky software installation, just set the course for the management team and they will do the research themself, with the goal of maximizing your online authority.

Forget about the trouble it takes to do the right targeting and get to a responsive audience; HypeGrowth deals with that entirely. It will connect you to the relevant sources of engagement with much less effort than you would normally spend on prospecting. 

So, what do you really get with HypeGrowth? You get one fully managed Twitter account, an average gain of 250-500 followers per month, one optimized and tweaked campaign, and all that supported by a 24/7 email and live chat support.

This bundle of automation comes for just 99$ a month, however, if you go now and catch one of their sales, you might get away with a bargain of 247$  for 3 months.

Affordable & efficient, such a beloved combo!



Crowdfire is a Twitter tool that modifies the automation software by automating your content creating, rather than interacting with your target audience only!

Wait, what? How?

To begin with, Crowdfire helps you discover hot and trending content from your niche that your audiences will love. Once you find your homepage buzzing with content it is just the matter of publishing it to your social media and giving your Twitter followers relevant material to engage with.

Crowdfire also optimizes the aesthetics of your content, which will ensure that it is more attractive to your followers, who are then more inspired to engage with it.

If you have content from your own websites, you can also link it with Crowdfire which will then automatically track all fresh info and display it for your convenience.

And this growth service is not Twitter-exclusive; the more the merrier, as they say, so if you maintain presence on several social media platforms, you can unifiedly shape content and post via Crowdfire on all of them simultaneously!

Crowdfire is a neat software that likes when things go neat. For this purpose it will neat-ify your posting schedule for optimal output and maximum engagement.

What more can you ask from your virtuous virtual assistant?

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Here comes one from the official Twitter workshop: Twitter Analytics, the Twitter’s growth service answer to the growing needs of millions of active profiles!

Metrics is the lifeblood of every social media manager. The valuable insights that you can gain by being observant online act as your eyes and ears on platforms such as Twitter.

By measuring your activity you can observe which parts work like a charm, and which parts are in dire need of further optimization. You have to know in order to grow.

Imagine having a monthly newspaper that’s entirely devoted to the economy of your Twitter. You have just imagined Twitter Analytics. It has a built-in compilation of useful and nifty summaries such as the number of Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, top follower, top tweet, top mention, and top follower.

And the info is not just barebone numbers: it is presented visually via a sleek dashboard which contains simple graphs. You must have imagined a dull list of dull data, right? Actually, it is a rather effective and elegant solution to presenting useful metrics in an attractive way.

By the way, the numbers are not the only data shown; Twitter Analytics scans people as well. Have you ever wondered how the image of your projected average follower looks like, where they live, how old they are, where do their interests lie?… The answers are there for you to observe and act upon.

Now, who says that all useful growth services have to come from third parties and cost a fortune? We sure did not.


Twitter is the top tier social media market, and to succeed there you have to show prime expertise and the fervor of a presence grower. It is not enough just to show yourself to get the people to follow you; you have to engage them in a quality, long-term way in order for them to become an asset to your network.

However, Twitter alone does not pay the bills.

So, how do you balance the need to be active on Twitter and the need to be active on… everywhere else; in your life, for example?

By commissioning the use of Twitter growth services, undoubtedly. Resources invested in these you will refund when higher engagement brings higher ROI. Time invested in unsuccessful Twitter marketing campaigns? Nothing can bring that back.

So perhaps it is best to leave the matter at the hand of the experts, whether automated or alive.

Once you employ them, don’t forget to log in from time to time; if nothing, then at least to remind yourself of how much time you could have spent there yourself. And to smile at your vastly grown Twitter presence, of course.


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