Top 9 Path Social Alternatives for Better Instagram Growth

Path Social has been running an aggressive advertising campaign – so I’m sure you have seen them. They state that they can grow your account organically with the use of manual targeting. However, Path Social is only 1 of many services available in a competitive market.

Path Social is a newcomer – so it pays to at least consider your other options. Here, we look at some of the top alternatives that can offer you the same, or improved services. These alternative services are committed to ensuring you get high-quality followers. Remember, high-quality followers translates to a high engagement rate.

Here are the other options for you to consider. 

Top Path Social Alternatives



The Growthoid team understands what it takes to build an Instagram following organically. Not only that, the followers you get from Growthoid will stick around and engage with your content. Growthoid will get you followers relevant to your niche. Most importantly, regardless of your industry, trust Growthoid to grow your Instagram.

They are experts in real managed growth. You can get a glimpse of their services by reviewing the tons of positive customer feedback on their website. They are a highly recommended alternative to Path Social.

With zero tolerance for bots and automation, Growthoid uses humans to grow your Instagram followers. The personal touch is what separates Growthoid from the rest of the market. Once you sign up, you are assigned a dedicated account manager who deploys targeting techniques that entail age, location, and gender.

Once your target audience has been sampled, the account manager will apply them manually. The account manager is also your liaison person with Growthoid. The staff member monitors the progress of your growth.

Growthoid team is known for flexibility, and the account managers are ready to make any changes along the way. You can select from the Standard and Premium plans depending on your needs. They also offer a full money-back guarantee. 



Growthsilo is a growth service alternative for your consideration. They will grow your Instagram audience with real, organic, and targeted followers within your niche. They use manual growth and no bots or automation.

With a dedicated account manager for your account, Growthsilo will ensure you get real engagement, more reach, and an opportunity to monetize your followers. The account manager’s existence is to ensure you get relevant followers who will engage with your content.  

Growthsilo is not your average Instagram marketing service. They understand clients have different needs hence the two incredible plans; Launch and Accelerate. The launch is for people who don’t want to go fast, and Accelerate is for those looking to snowball.

Both packages are at an affordable price and come with a money-back guarantee. Are you worried Instagram might limit or terminate your account for using Growthsilo? You don’t have to worry.

Growthsilo growth practices are compliant with Instagram terms and conditions. They also have top-notch encryption to protect your account. Read about customer reviews on their website to understand more why they made it to this list. 



Stormlikes understands that growing your Instagram account can be time-consuming. Therefore, they have put in place a dedicated team to get you the relevant followers and engagement.

Stormlikes prides itself on offering the best customer service for every client.The team will only deliver high-quality followers who adhere to Instagram guidelines. You don’t have to worry about the acquired followers unfollowing your account.

The followers can be delivered instantly or gradually, depending on your growth requirements. They also have different payment options for every client. From credit card to Bitcoin, the choice is yours. 



Nitreo offers a fresh and innovative experience for Instagram growth services. The team wants you to focus more on creating content while they organically grow your followers and taking care of your engagement.

The Nitreo team has created an API, among other tools, to get you quality interactions on Instagram. For this reason, Nitreo is a high-quality growth service alternative to consider. They are your hands free tool for Instagram growth.  

With Nitreo, you don’t have to worry about people outside your niche viewing your content. They uniquely target your followers to ensure you get the best out of them. We must admit, their growth approach is different from the ordinary. 



Coming across an Instagram growth service committed to getting you followers and engagement is rare. Social Buddy makes it to this list because they will gradually grow your followers while simultaneously focusing on engagement.

The team understands that having more followers without engagement can be a step back. Most importantly, they don’t condone bots or automation. The fun part about Social Buddy is that they will grow your follower count by targeting real people with a genuine interest in your posting content.

Besides offering reasonable prices, Social Buddy also has a dedicated social support team. We love everything about this company. 



Once you visit the Ampfluence website, you can tell that bots do not exist in their world. They are committed to offering authentic and genuine followers who will engage with your content. The exciting part is that they use targeting to identify your potential followers.

They promise you growth while you focus on generating great content. They like giving clients a listening ear. Once you sign up, they offer you an opportunity to consult with them and understand what they will offer.

From these sessions, you are also able to share your growth needs. Their service can be used by individuals, celebrities, brands, and even agencies. 

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is a top Instagram growth service you should have tried by now. It is a company that will give you control using tools like a dashboard where you monitor your growth progress.

Most importantly, they have a dedicated account manager who handles all your growth needs. The manager manually grows your account by targeting potential followers through the use of hashtags, location, usernames, among others.

The targeting is meant to ensure your audience falls under your niche. Stellation Media also comes with three incredible packages; mass story engager, influencer, and rockstar.  Stellation Media also have coupons to get a big discount!



How does a quick turnaround sound to you? This is what Buzzoid will offer you. Buzzoid promises to get you, followers, within minutes after signing up and selecting your package. The team values the security of your account.

They won’t ask about your passwords or any other sensitive information. The quick turnaround also comes with good customer service. Unlike most services, Buzzoid can refund you if you are not satisfied with their services.

However, the team wants to leave a lasting experience for clients. Buzzoid is also unique thanks to its six packages to choose from. They also have reasonable prices from as low as $2.99 to $39. The choice is yours. 



The Trusy team is committed to ensuring you get quality followers and assists you in monetizing your account. Trusy claims to have cracked the code for Instagram growth. Their services are available to almost everybody, from businesses, brands, and even personal accounts. 

Their craft involves a dedicated account manager who will manually grow your followers. The personal touch means that you will have somebody to guide you through instead of bots and automation. They are all about enhancing the credibility of your account because they know it matters.

Did we mention they also have an incredible customer support service that is always ready to assist?  Despite joining the market recently, Trusy has proven beyond doubt that they can get the job done. Based on exceptional reviews, Trusy is an Instagram growth alternative worth recommending. 

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