Twesocial Review — Is It Really That Good?

Twesocial Review - Is It Really That Good?

Twitter can be a rough place to grow a presence on. To push above the trending names, you have to achieve extraordinary feats of effort and endurance. However, Twitter growth services have emerged as a solution for those who simply can’t invest increasingly large amounts of time in order for their content to be seen.

Among those, Twesocial has emerged as the name among the top and has earned a reputation of quality. Is it really that good?

With 10,000+ active clients, Twesocial boasts of fulfilling every demand, without jeopardizing the security of Twitter accounts. On top of this, they shun fake followers, bot-farmed accounts, and inflating follower numbers that won’t get you anywhere.

Taking great pride in their optimization skills, they rely solely on the skill of their management teams, as well as the masterwork targeting of their software services.

We Checked Out Twesocial — Here’s Our Review

The pitch is good, but does it hold water? Twesocial seems to show a lot of potential, which is big if true. However, by committing to a complete review of its features we will come to the conclusion once and for all, definitely.

But first, let’s get over the basics of the Twesocial Twitter growth service.

What’s Twesocial?


We’ve mentioned that Twitter, like any big social media, represents a fiercely competitive market. Those who’ve had the advantage of showing up first and who managed to establish a firm foothold on the platform have taken the biggest pieces of the Twitter pie.

The result of this monopoly on the Twitter audience is that it’s difficult for the newcomers to get past the visibility threshold. In effect, without a sufficiently large enough base of followers, your posts simply won’t be seen. Ever.

This is where Twesocial shines. By going on a swift and fierce promotion campaign, they play the Twitter algorithm to exponentially increase the percentage of people that your content will get to. Furthermore, by optimizing the content, posting schedule, targeting, and a plethora of other categories, they magnetize every part of your Twitter presence to attract more followers.

Needless to say, you don’t have to be involved in the process at all–the account management team handles the campaigns themselves. With that said, you keep full control of your account and can continue using it as usual. This is a compromise that will keep you in charge, but keep your Twitter optimized for growth as well.

This is the gist of Twesocial. It sure does sound good, but a detailed analysis of its features will uncover whether this is true or not.

Real Followers, Natural Growth


The feature of Twesocial that really makes them popular is the promise of organic growth. The majority of sites that sell Twitter followers or likes offer software-made bot accounts. In the cases where the accounts are made by real people, they are simply paid to click the follow button, then forget about you. This is not what you want for your Twitter.

Instead, Twesocial turns toward optimising what you currently have to naturally get more Twitter followers. With Twesocial, people are intrinsically motivated to engage with your content, rather than paid to do it. The benefits of this are plenty, but include greater growth potential and ensure that the followers are here to stay. 

Dedicated Account Manager

Growth software can be annoying. It is often complex to use and contains the risk of caveats that you want to avoid. Automation software can be even more complicated, and often require elaborate training programs in order to have you use them. But if you’ve acquired the services of a growth software, you don’t have time in the first place, right?

Twesocial deals away with that. The only thing you need to do is to establish contact with your account manager, who will then follow you through the minutes-long procedure of answering on certain targeting questions related to your Twitter promotion campaigns. And that’s it. You’re done.

From that point on your account will be managed by a dedicated team with lots of experience in Twitter promotion. They know what they’re doing, and all their satisfied clients confirm that. You can rest assured that your account is in good hands.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

What makes Twesocial account managers so efficient is their elaborate and effective targeting campaigns. They employ intuitive solutions to the problems such as deciding what sector of your niche to promote and how. 

For example, among the key components is smart hashtag use that allows tapping into those potential followers who are interested in the areas you deal in. That very same targeting system obtains information from usernames as well, figuring out potential leads in the process.

Oh, and they also tap into geographic location in order to deliver localized content to relevant audiences. Finally, they develop your content to reflect the sudden surge of interest that you will receive.

Legal, Safe, and Reliable Service

Due to the nature of organically growing your follower base, using Twesocial can’t harm your Twitter account. It is completely safe to use since you’re not buying followers, but naturally attracting them to your content.

In fact, Twesocial has a cancel-anytime policy for the regular service. And you keep access to your Twitter account, so you might just as well stay online and see for yourself the results of the management team. 


Twesocial Pricing

Remember, you’re not buying a number with Twesocial–you are hiring a team to tailor a customized campaign that will help you grow on Twitter.

With this in mind, Twesocial offers two kinds of services, Regular and Pro.

Regular comes with a fully managed service, a dedicated account manager, and costs $49/month. You can cancel at any time. Pro comes with all of the above, plus double the exposure and priority support. The price tag is $99/month, and the minimum duration of use is 10 weeks.

It is difficult to compare it to the market standard since they’re a bit of a unique service, but when you compare it to the bought followers and growth gained, the price is totally worth it.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, and based on the thorough examination of Twesocial’s promises and deliveries on those promises, we conclude that Twesocial really is as good as it claims to be. Their customer base supports these claims with warm reviews and high scores that they give them, the satisfied clients vouch for their results…

Organic Twitter follower growth is not only real and possible but easily obtainable. Twesocial can help you reclaim your time invested into social media for yourself, and then reinvest it into your business, or back to your life.

Twesocial verified. Their services are superb, check. In fact, we wholeheartedly recommend it. If you are in need of Twitter growth, go Twesocial and you will not regret it!

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