UNL Media’s Ege Unal has disrupted Social Media Marketing in Turkey

Ege Unal

In the past five years, the number of social media platforms is increasing exponentially. Although the users are shifting towards different social media platforms, major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a decrease in their reach. With more and more people posting content on social media, the competition is also increasing which results in almost a negligible reach. Social media marketers and agencies are struggling to provide extensive reach by organic methods. Amidst all these issues and hardships, UNL Media has managed to provide its clients a significant amount of reach by applying unique strategies. Platforms like Instagram have an algorithm that is not in favor of the users or business accounts, yet UNL Media has managed to provide excellent reach to all the influencers and brands they work with.


Ege Unal is a 16-year-old social media marketer and growth expert based in Turkey. He founded UNL Media with his childhood friend Ege Tirman. Currently, UNL Media is a full-fledged Social Media Marketing and Growth agency. Ege started at a very young age, he wanted to help businesses around him to grow their brand on social media and digital media platforms. Social media platforms like Instagram need a lot of experimentation and content analysis. Ege has mastered the essential content marketing strategies which drive organic traffic to business pages. 


Ege Tirman is the co-founder of UNL Media, and also a childhood friend of Ege Unal. His expertise in business development and social outreach is very crucial for the growth of UNL Media. He manages all the agency branding and business development activities of UNL Media. His exceptional outreach process helps Ege to focus on drafting strategies and plans for their social media clients.


Along with the social media marketing and Instagram growth services, UNL Media is experiencing high demand for services like personal brand management. As influencers and entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of personal brand, they are reaching out to Ege Unal for their Instagram growth and to drive organic traffic on their accounts. Ege has successfully helped multiple entrepreneurs to grow their brands with help of positional marketing and personalized content. UNL Media’s Spotify and YouTube integration services are very lucrative. They are currently working with some famous rappers, music artists, and composers who want to grow their presence on social media platforms and get leads and more business. UNL Media is no doubt one of the fastest-growing agencies. The agency is having a network of 2 million follower bases, through which they can promote any brand for an influencer organically.

Along with financial freedom, Ege has also won the confidence of his family and friends that he is going to be a huge entrepreneur in the future. As they have been supportive throughout his journey of scaling UNL Media. Currently, UNL Media is serving clients from different domains internationally, and their new services added have increased the revenue in just 2 months. Ege is planning to scale his agency 6 figures by 2022. In long term, Ege Unal will make UNL Media an SMMA with the highest revenue.


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