Use Influencer Inspiration To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Your Own

In the 1980s, around 5 million Americans got married each year. These days, only 4 million people get married – the marriage rate is the lowest that it’s been in 150 years. This isn’t just an American trend – it is worldwide, with an even lower rate of millennials getting married. There are many reasons why fewer people are tying the knot, with some believing that marriage is simply an outdated tradition. It doesn’t have to be, however: yes, times have changed, but wedding ceremonies can change too. Wedding influencers like @rileyandgrey demonstrate how hip, unique, and cool a wedding can be. Your own wedding doesn’t have to be a traditional, formal event – there are some wonderful ways that you can use influencer inspiration and personalize your ceremony, and have a modern wedding that is unique to you. 

You don’t have to change your last name

The woman taking the man’s last name when they get married is one of the more traditional aspects of marriage. But you don’t have to, and modern marriage is certainly not just about a man getting married to a woman either. If you believe that changing your last name will have an impact on your own identity, then there really is no need to change it. Changing your name may not agree with your personal and political views, or you may not want to lose that connection to your own family. It may be that you simply love your last name or you want to keep your name for professional reasons. There are plenty of modern alternatives, however: you could choose just to keep your own last names. You may want to hyphenate your names, keep your last name as a middle name, or even combine names like Dawn Porter, who became Dawn O’Porter after marrying Chris O’Dowd. Or you may wish to simply choose a new name between you. You certainly don’t have to stick with traditional ideas when you get married with regards to names. 

Non-traditional vows

The wedding vows, which often include “Do you take X to be your lawful wedded spouse,” definitely don’t have to be set in stone. The traditional vows aren’t right for everyone, and may not say everything that you want to be said. Perhaps you want your children included in your vows, or maybe you want something really personal and unique to you as a couple. You can always write your own wedding vows like influencers Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, completely encapsulating your heartfelt feelings towards one another. Your wedding vows are simply promises that you make at the start of your marriage journey: they don’t have to be traditional. 

Symbolizing your unity

When you get married, you don’t have to just exchange rings to show the special bond that you have together. Many couples are choosing to incorporate a unique way of symbolizing their unity during the ceremony. You could collect sand from your favorite beaches and pour it together into a beautiful container to symbolize your love. Water or wine ceremony is another popular idea. You could light candles together, or even plant a tree as part of your special ceremony. If you want to incorporate new ways of celebrating into your wedding, then you will be starting your own traditions together. 

A modern wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be set in stone. You can personalize your wedding and enjoy a unique day that is perfect to celebrate your special bond, as countless influencers are demonstrating. 

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