Vance Fundora’s “Keeping Up: A Guide to Building and Growing an Online Presence” Becomes a Global Best-Seller

With e-commerce on the rise, it has become vital to transition into the digital space. But with several existing and emerging companies joining the bandwagon to create an online presence, the cut-throat competition makes it difficult to stand out and thrive. Few experts understand the technical and marketing aspect to break through, sustain, and grow in the digital space. Social media and digital marketing expert Vance Fundora’s latest bestselling book ‘Keeping Up: A Guide to Building & Growing an Online Presence’ has become a global best-seller.

It delves into the methods, techniques, and strategies for building an online presence. It is a guide to educate every organization, business, and entrepreneur on why it’s crucial to build an online presence based on how we transact and consume in 2020. The book became the number one best-seller on Amazon within 24 hours of its release. Armed with extensive experience and proven track record, Fundora, through his best-selling book, aims to share his knowledge with small businesses and budding entrepreneurs to help them adapt and grow their enterprise successfully. The book is part one of a series and is available.

Cuban-American Fundora is an entrepreneur, e-commerce, and social media specialist. Most importantly, he is a best-selling author. At an impressive age of 23, he has scaled great heights and achieved success quickly. Born and raised in Forth Worth, Texas, Fundora displayed a keen business sense from a very young age. While studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University, he launched his digital marketing agency.

By the time he graduated, it had already scaled to a six-figure company. Fundora Enterprises offers a diverse range of customized services such as SEO, content creation, brand awareness, engagement and management, and PR. Vance has helped myriad brands achieve phenomenal results. Vance has expanded his brand under the umbrella of Fundora Group, which consists of Fundora Enterprises, Fundora Estates, and Fundora Foundation.

Being a self-made man, Vance authored his book to help level the playing field so that smaller businesses also have the opportunity to scale up and flourish. Vance added, “I am confident that my book will help businesses adapt, evolve, and transition into the digital space. Building a compelling online presence is a prerequisite of success, and that’s where my book will help bridge the gap.”

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