Vilnius set to Become Tourist Attraction in Eastern Europe

Nights in the Eastern European city of Vilnius, Lithuania will never be the same as there’s a new ultra-inclusive nightclub coming to the city. Satisfy your musical senses and discover a brand new way to unleash night time activities with the grand opening of Vanitie on Thursday November 25, 2021

The grand opening extravaganza of one of Vilnius most-anticipated ultra-inclusive club, which offers lounge chair seating strategically placed to offer comfort to patrons, will give its guests a chance to sit, stand or dance the night away. Everyone is a VIP in Vanitie. Offering top notch premium quality service it will be a guest list or bottle service only nightclub. The focus will be on attention to detail for all of the patrons.

Vanitie is where locals and visitors can explore the country’s rich musical nightlife and experience an atmosphere like nothing before. Offering music inspired by different genres it will be on par with any New York or Las Vegas styled nightclub, offering international DJ’s and music.

The club owners and operator who is no stranger to entertainment stated. “Are excited for the opportunity to add something new and original to night life in Vilnius. The worldwide pandemic has seriously affected the entertainment industry, however, with covid restrictions getting more relaxed and American looking to discover more amazing Cites.”

Vilnius has come on the radar ever since Forbes magazine wrote about it. However, clubs in Vilnius doesn’t offer the quality VIP service Americans have come accustomed to. Vanitie aims to offer not just a party but a show. It’s our goal to offer an experience like no other club in the area.”

The city of Vilnius is known for its picturesque look and Instagram perfect photos. It boasts quaint streets, fine architecture and is rarely ever packed with tourists. The entire nature of the city leans towards the young and ultra-modern. As such the introduction of a new night club will only help to bolster the charm and charisma of the city. Known as the “hidden gem” of Europe it’s no wonder persons from all over the world are drawn to Vilnius.

It’s therefore no surprise that Vanitie’s owners hail all the way from New York was so drawn to build a masterpiece nightclub in this beautiful city. Vilnius can expect an internationally acclaimed nightclub, where American artist and celebrities would like to make a stop on their European tour or vacation.

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