Viralyft Alternatives: 10 Best Marketing Platforms Like Viralyft

viralyft alternative - sites like viralyft

Social media is the king of marketing and content creation. Maybe calling it king is exaggerating things, but it plays a pivotal role in gaining you the traction you need. Regardless of what your profession is, your business will be incomplete without social media websites. This is because the contemporary world thrives on networking and familiarity. If your name is recognizable in your industry, your sales go up tremendously.

You are yourself a part of this trend as much as your customers. For example, when you visit a supermarket, then studies show that you are significantly more likely to pick up items from brand names you have heard of before. Similarly, when you purchase something from e-commerce websites, then it is natural for you to choose the item with maximum positive reviews and a higher purchase count since word-of-mouth is more trustworthy than reviews from a brand’s own webpage.

Further, if you are a content creator, then your entire business depends on engaging with your customers, gaining popularity. Pop stars and rap stars have often become famous after their music on SoundCloud reached a record number of plays. Thus, organic growth and wider reach on your account equals more money. Unfortunately, getting more engagement on social media is becoming increasingly difficult. One vastly important reason behind that is the sheer amount of competition no matter what field or industry you chose. This is where social media engagement platforms come in.

That is why, we are going to discuss the best sites like Viralyft in this article. We have searched and researched and found these Viralyft alternatives to be the best ones on the market. Thus, let us dive in.

List of Sites like Viralyft (Viralyft Alternative)

socialpackages - viralyft alternative

SocialPackages is another amazing alternative to Viralyft. Once again, you will feel right at home if you are migrating from the latter to the former. A perk of using Social Packages is that it supports both Twitch and TikTok apart from the remaining six channels that Viralyft supports. Thus, this is a pretty neat option for when you want an alternative but also need Twitch support.

Major differences include nothing apart from website design. I am mentioning that here because the Social Packages website has a few bugs that need to be smoothed out before it becomes fully functional. That said, all essential features are live, and you will not face any trouble or risk losing your money.

Note that just like, Social Packages also only supports Facebook page likes and not post likes. This is understandable since posts are often private and chances of error are high. There is support for Instagram comments, though. Thus, you cannot go wrong with Social Packages.

GetViral - viralyft alternative is one of the most famous and critically acclaimed engagement platforms. It serves as the perfect alternative to Viralyft, offering almost the same experience at similar price points. The only major point of difference is that Viralyft supports TikTok, while supports Twitch. Apart from that, both channels support Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

An important caveat is that only supports Facebook page likes and followers. On the other hand, you can find Facebook post likes as well on Viralyft. This is a point you must remember if you need to choose between the two of these. Also, does not support Instagram comments, whereas Viralyft does. These are not deal-breakers. These are just a few points you must keep in mind.

The prices are also nearly the same across both websites. People who are migrating from either will feel right at home while using the other. Perhaps has a better and more beautiful website, but there is nothing else that makes it any better or any worse.


views expert - viralyft alternative

Views Expert is a simple and efficient website with support for ten different social media platforms. This includes LinkedIn and Twitter with only follower purchase support as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Once again, support for Facebook post likes is absent. But everything else is virtually the same as Viralyft, including the cost and delivery times, refill guarantee, etc. Customer support on most websites is now available 24/7 and this platform is no different.

Perks include a rapid checkout process that beats any other I have come across. There is no fuss involved. Just select the plan you want to buy, enter relevant details like username, email address, or page URL, and proceed to checkout. Such easy purchasing flows are what I like best and thus, Views Expert is a great option according to me.

fastlikes - viralyft alternatives lives up to its name. So simple is the checkout process that I was left in a daze. How it works is this: you provide them with the URL to your page or video and hit the “buy now” button. Everything from then on is done off the webpage. For payment, takes you to the PayPal website. And here is a hint: if you are already logged into PayPal, and have enabled OneTouch, the checkout speed increases several folds. ask that you provide them a maximum of seven days for higher-grade plans to be complete. While this is not what you would expect after seeing the name, but one week is a standard time frame for engagement related orders. Only top-tier websites can complete your orders in less than three days.


Famups - viralyft alternative

Another secure and modern website with support for six major platforms is Famups. They believe in simplicity and ease-of-use. Perhaps that is why they have segregated Instagram and IGTV into separate categories.

While this website is also quite similar to Viralyft, there are two important caveats you must consider. Firstly, the delivery times are painful. For whatever reason, they can range anywhere between three to fifty-five days. Most websites offer similar packages with a maximum delivery time of one week. Secondly, their prices are a bit higher than what you would expect. Luckily, this is only true at the lower end and once you choose a higher-grade plan, the savings add up significantly.

An advantage of using Famups is that you can choose to buy Facebook followers restricted to the United States only. This is helpful for when you want very high-quality engagement. Do note that the costs are significantly higher and the plans a bit limited for this option.


Famoid - site like viralyft

Famoid is not as great an alternative to Viralyft as the other on this list. A major reason behind that is its limited support. For providing a simple and quick experience, they have limited their support to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube only. Luckily, this has helped them pay more attention to their business and thus, the website shines like any other.

The most important unique selling point (USP) for Famoid is the drip-feed system they use for providing you engagement services. It essentially prevents sudden spikes in your statistics which makes the growth feel organic and real. Here is the clincher, though: even with the drip-feed system active, orders only take a maximum of three days across most major plans.

The disadvantage here is the pricing. Famoid is one of the more expensive options out there and plans usually start at above ten bucks. Compared to that, most websites have a basic plan that starts at around seven dollars. Hence, Famoid is best for when you have money to spare but would like rapid services.

Follower Packages

Follower Packages is another simple engagement platform that focuses on the essentials: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud. Ironically, their name does not reflect their services. The only followers you can purchase from them are Instagram followers. Otherwise, support is limited to Facebook likes (page and post), YouTube views and likes, and SoundCloud plays and likes. Instagram likes are also included.

A major plus point is that the costs are much lower than what you would expect. For example, you can buy 500 Facebook likes for just $25. Unfortunately, the pre-planned packages are limited here. You can only choose between four to five of those. If you have any other needs, you will have to contact them for a custom plan. Apart from that, delivery times are average and max out around 7 days for the highest-grade plans.

Note: All Facebook like plans were temporarily unavailable when I last checked their website. You might face the same issue as well. While they get it back up, you can browse other options from their website. Everything else works.


Social-Viral is a minimal and beautiful website with support for Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, and Instagram. This includes both page as well as post likes on Facebook, as well as Instagram comments. You can also buy Twitter retweets and Facebook followers. These two options are often missing, but that is not the case here.

The most important USP here is that Social-Viral is perhaps the cheapest option of all. Plans start at as low as $1.99 for fifty Facebook page likes. While they promise fast delivery, but if you are in a rush, you can contact customer support and include your request. In such cases, your orders can be fulfilled within 12 hours, I am unable to certify the veracity of this claim, but it is good to know that this option is there. Further, with 24/7 live customer support available on call (not chat), you can always get in touch and ensure that your needs are met.


Storm Likes is exclusively for Instagram only. It is a modern and beautiful website automatically tailored for your region when you visit it. Out of all the engagement platforms I encountered, this was the only one that automatically changed currency when visited from outside the US. (The company is based in Sweden).

Unfortunately, the plans are extremely limited here as well. You can only choose between fifty to two hundred and fifty Instagram likes. But the pricing is awesome. You only spend between $1.49 and $4.5 for these plans. This is far less than where plans start at several major websites.

Another USP is that Storm Likes offers a 10 likes free trial that you can get. The best part: you do not even need to register. Just provide your Instagram username and voila! You are good to go. Such absolutely free trials are limited on the internet, and this option made me grow fond of the platform instantly.

Get Real Boost

For Western audiences, Get Real Boost is a perfect choice. However, that is not the case for those residing in parts of Asia. When last I checked, the website was not functional in India. I kept getting a 403 or 503 error response code.

This is no deal-breaker. VPN services outnumber engagement platforms, which themselves outnumber social media platforms. Thus, you can always access this website no matter where you reside. However, if you cannot access it, I would suggest that you move your business elsewhere since payments across VPNs might be uncomfortable for some people, and customer support may not be available as well. It is all a matter of choice, though.

What are engagement platforms?

Social media engagement platforms are websites where you can increase your social engagement, either by collaborating with other creators, or by purchasing Instagram views, followers, likes, dislikes, comments, and reviews, etc. This allows you to gain rapid popularity. Note that while this growth is paid for, it is still very much organic.

At the other end of this engagement network are people from all over the world, being paid a certain amount for every channel they visit, every button they click, and every channel they subscribe to.

Why use social media engagement platforms?

These websites like Viralyft and Viralyft alternatives allow you to gain guaranteed engagement. Although it costs money, but it acts like a booster for pushing you a few places up the ladder and increasing your chances of engagement.

Social media marketing and digital content creation are both highly competitive industries. Some expenditure becomes inevitable after a while. The same is true for other fields where traction and popularity on social channels are essential: influencer marketing, e-commerce, etc. Thus, you can make use of these websites to flush down your competition and make yourself stand out among the crowd.

Do remember that spending several hundred bucks is not a clever marketing strategy. Instead, you should search for other ways of growing your account organically. Otherwise, your profit margins will be negligible or non-existent and your popularity will soon fizzle out.

The moral aspects of spending money to flush down your competition are debatable. It gives the rich creators an unfair advantage. But you must agree that there is no way of escaping this. If everyone else is spending money, you will not get far unless you spend some bucks as well.

As for the legal prospects, there is nothing wrong with paying people for visiting your channel, clicking the like button, and providing you the traction and popularity you need.

Some tips and tricks for organic growth

  • Ensure your profile is beautiful, aesthetic, and well-organized. This includes posting a high-quality profile picture, writing a witty bio, and choosing search engine optimized username and channel URL.
  • Keep your regularity game up. It is understandable that no one can post something every day, especially if they are working on YouTube. However, stick to a schedule once you have planned it and inform your audience if you are going to be unavailable for a while
  • Use SEO research tools and keyword research tools to increase the search ranking of your posts. This ensures maximum reach and traction. Keywords connect your content across the internet and are essential for reaching a wider audience.
  • Engage your audience and understand their needs. Find out what works best for them, including the best time of posting content. What are the best engagement platforms?

What are the best engagement platforms?

Viralyft is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to social media engagement platforms. However, there are more platforms to buy social media engagement from than there are social media websites. Owing to this enormous number, it becomes difficult to choose just one that truly does it all.

Further, not everything is possible through just one website alone. For example, despite its critical acclaim, there are several websites Viralyft does not support.


There you have it! We have provided you with the top ten Viralyft alternatives that you can use if that website is not your cup of tea. Now, remember that the websites provided here are in no specific order. It is not like number 10 (Storm Likes) is the worst one among all and number 1 ( is the best. There are important and appreciable differences between each of the websites and I would suggest you discover the idiosyncrasies of each website on your own.

If there are websites you know of which are a better fit for this list than the ones we have mentioned here, let us know through the comments box below.

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