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What Movie Are You Projecting for the World to See?

Your life is a movie and you are the main star. What movie are you creating?

If you go to any movie theatre, you know that the movie projector will project the movie you’re expecting to see on the big screen for you to enjoy. Most of us will go a little earlier, buy some popcorn, and sit in our chairs with joyful anticipation for the movie to begin! Now, what if the movie theatre decided to play the movie of your life on its big screen for everyone to see, instead of the most recent blockbuster movie. Would you be eager to watch it or would you cringe at the thought??

Your response to that question will be influenced by your level of participation in the creation of your life. If you are an avid creator in all aspects of your life, then you will be very eager to watch that movie, knowing you created what you’re watching. However, if you are a bystander in the process of creation, then you may already be cringing as you read this article.

Your Movie Is Your Life

The good news is, you don’t need to go to a movie theatre to see the movie of your life. Your movie is already playing out; all you have to do is look around at your reality! You are the main character, your subconscious mind is the projector, and your reality is your movie!

As actors of our lives, we are unconsciously playing out the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions of the subconscious mind on a daily basis. At the very same time, those exact same thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are projected out into the universe, manifesting and creating our own personal movie.

So What Does This Have to Do With Business?

When we go to our job or we walk into our office to run our business, we do not leave our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and emotions at home; rather, we bring them with us wherever we go. Your personal beliefs, thoughts, and emotions about money, business, success, work, clients, and customers permeate, infiltrate, and are projected onto each and every facet of your business.

This subconscious programming is unconsciously being played out in your life and creating your current business reality. If you are currently watching the movie of your business and see things that you do not like, you have the ability to change it. All you have to do is change what you are projecting into the universe!

How Do I Change What I’m Projecting?

Projections and reflections work hand in hand when it comes to all creations and manifestations within our reality. The energy we put out into the universe through our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, behaviors, and habits are our projections.

Our thoughts and beliefs about business, money, success, clients, and customers determine our actions and behaviours towards other businesses. And what we give off with our energy we get back. Our manifestations/reality are a mirror of our projections being reflected back at us. Therefore, your actions and behaviours towards other businesses will be mirrored to you within your business. Here are some questions you can begin to answer to identify how your projections and reflections are creating your current reality.

1. What kind of customers/clients am I attracting?
2. What kind of income am I making in my business?
3. Am I attracting customers/clients who can afford my services/products?
4. Are my customer/clients happy with my services/products?
5. How many customer/clients return or complain about my services/products?
6. What kind of success do I have within my business?
7. How easy or hard is my work?

1. What kind of customer/client am I? Am I an easy customer/client to deal with or do I constantly complain about products or services I receive?
2. What is my way of thinking towards businesses with large incomes?
3. What kind of customer/client am I when it comes to spending money on a product/service? Do I buy products based on which one is the cheapest or do I buy based on quality regardless of the price?
4. As a customer/client, am I happy with the services/products I receive from other businesses?
5. As a customer, how many services/products do I return or complain about?
6. What is my viewpoint towards successful businesses?
7. What is my attitude towards work being easy? What is my attitude towards work being hard? Do I think my work needs to be hard in order to make money?

Our attitudes, thoughts, viewpoints, beliefs, and emotions towards other businesses, services, and products are always reflected back to us through our own business. What we give out we get back, both in life and in business.

Any change you want to make within your business always begins first with yourself. If something occurs within your business, always ask yourself, “Where do I do this in my life?”

Each projection reflected back to us brings us an opportunity to change and evolve on a spiritual level, if we allow it.


Written by Georgie Maroudas

Georgie Maroudas, founder of is a certified ThetaHealer Practitioner and Instructor. Using the Theta Brainwave, Georgie helps men and women release any fears, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and/or trauma that are limiting and no longer serving them. She is a big believer that our inner world of thoughts, beliefs and emotions create every aspect of our outer world and is passionate about helping and empowering every human being. Her mission is to empower individuals by teaching them the skills and abilities they need to be able to release what is no longer serving them, so that they can create a life they love!

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