White City Logistics: All of Your Transportation Needs in One Place

White City Logistics is a very experienced and capable trucking company that operates in all 48 states of the contiguous United States.

Based out of Illinois, White City Logistics is a service-based company whose main focus is full truckload expediting and LTL freight. We deliver quality services to brokers, shippers, and other customers, and have options available for dedicated logistics services for your dedicated lane needs.

Along with logistics services, White City Logistics also can assist your company with other services such as:

  • Logistics consultation
  • Local courier deliveries
  • Same-day deliveries
  • Time-sensitive deliveries
  • Deliveries requiring specialized equipment
  • 24/7 dispatch
  • Proof of delivery within 30 minutes

History of White City Logistics

The story of White City Logistics started in 2009 with incorporation; after a test period, we decided to prioritize our services in logistics and transport. With humble beginnings by 2011, we added a DBA and launched our expediting services starting with sprinters and cargo vans, eventually, through hard work we expanded our services nationwide with semi-trucks and dry van trailers, hauling everything from industrial equipment to T-rex fossils and becoming a carrier of the month regularly for many freight brokerages.

During this same period, we at White City Logistics started providing another valuable service to our clients. We use our experience in the industry to consult new and upcoming logistics companies, as well as aiding them with employee training.

Today our primary focus is transporting customer freight using 53-foot dry van trailers along with transport services.

We at White City Logistics are currently working on creating a new dispatching software. This TMS or (Transportation Management Software) will be ready for testing in a few short months. When this software has been thoroughly tested and has shown positive and efficient results it will be incredibly helpful for small to medium-sized trucking and logistics companies as well as freight brokers.

At White City Logistics we also care about our employees and drivers. We do not have thousands of trucks on the road and we do not see our drivers simply as numbers. We know our drivers by name, and do our best to ensure their personal needs are met. Likewise, we also care deeply about our relationships with our customers and brokers and strive to provide reliable on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction. Safety and Compliance is also our #1 priority.

2021 marks the 10-year anniversary of White City Logistics as a trucking company, and we will strive to provide our customers with exceptional service and deliveries for many years to come.

President Nash Zivkovic

The president of White City Logistics Nash Zivkovic has been in the transportation and logistics industry for 15 years, beginning his career when first moving to the Chicago area.

Over the course of those 15 years, Nash spent his career as a fleet dispatcher and fleet manager, as well as spending 5 years as a freight broker. This experience paved the way for him to become president of White City Logistics and a successful entrepreneur.

Nash’s experience which consists of a broad spectrum of logistics knowledge, jobs, and positions has taught him the importance and value of customer service and relationships as well as team building.

His ability to focus on critical industry aspects such as dispatching allows him to work with and train numerous logistical dispatchers with varying levels of experience and teach them to be incredibly efficient.

In Nash’s personal life he is very much a philanthropist. He is no stranger to giving guest lectures, loves to volunteer in charity work, working with non-profit organizations, and working with various community organizations, in many cases organizing many of the charity and community events himself.

From 2015 to 2020 Nash was the president of the SND (Serbian National Defense Council of America organization founded in 1914 by famous Serbian-American physicist Micheal Pupin Ph.D.), and in 2019 was awarded a certificate of excellence from Cook County of Illinois for his commitment and dedication to the Serbian-American community.

For More Information, you can visit White City Logistics website or email them at Trucks@WhiteCityLogistics.com

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