Why Creating a Morning Routine Breeds Instant Success

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You’ve heard the advice a million times…

But this time it’s different. 

You’ve probably given your best efforts to waking up early and attaching yourself to a pattern of habits. Maybe you’re reading this because you already are waking up with a plan of action but don’t know where it’s taking you. 

When you create a morning routine, you’re not just throwing yourself into a bucket of habits; you are setting down the building blocks of success.

Some of the things that move us as humans are the feelings of success that comes from doing something. It can be as little as making your bed, or it can be as big as making that big sale you’ve been chasing.

But, big or small, every accomplishment is significant and adds tremendous value to your day and how you live through it. 

Either way…

You automatically jumpstart your chances of succeeding when you begin to implement these habits early in your day. 

You’ve heard someone say that repetition is the mother of all skill, right? 

You’ve also seen people attempt the morning routine phenomenon that centers every self-help book on planet earth and fail…

…so what is the missing ingredient we’re all seeking? 


The attachment of something bigger to our morning routine than just the famous idea and our satisfaction of participating in it. Discovering the goals we want to accomplish and gluing them to our positive habits. When we do this, we carry more willpower because we make ourselves more apt to succeed. 

Most of us set morning routines and we feel we’ve done something right. But what we fail to attach to our routines is the reason why we do it. Sure, we all want to grow. But why do you want to grow? 

Remind yourself why and write it down before you hit the hay. 

Does that make sense? 

It has to be special. There is no right or wrong way to navigate through a routine. You can be successful without one. 

But your chances skyrocket when you set the thermostat for your day instead of letting the day set you… like a thermometer.

Many of us have set morning routines before, or maybe you want to know what the truth is. 

I’ve been waking up to a consistent morning routine since I was 16 years old. I am not proud of keeping it as much as I am of the things I discovered about myself in the process of doing it. 

A man’s purpose lies in the climb, not his peak. 

We all have a peak we want to reach. Whether it be landing a job opportunity, starting a business, or becoming wealthy. Whatever the case may be, we see it in our dreams. 


We never grow who we are by dreaming. And we never become better while celebrating. We transform ourselves into being the best version that exists by the daily progression of work. 

Therein we see the morning routine. 

Why the morning?

Because what you do in the morning has a bigger effect on your day than you realize. 

You have a purpose, and when you leave your home every day, you step closer and closer to it. You want actionable steps that can direct you to success. 

Are you ready?

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