Why Josh Richards is the Most Successful Teen Entrepreneur in the World

19-year-old Josh Richards is a social media personality-turned-entrepreneur making a name for themselves in the business world at the moment. The young Canadian teenager is undoubtedly one of the most famous influencers at the moment. He has amassed a jaw-dropping following of over 30 million fans across his several social media platforms and serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at the up and coming video sharing networking site known as Triller.

Here are just a few of Josh’s many endeavors that have earned him the spot of the world’s most successful teen entrepreneur.

Talent X

Richards is the co-founder of the entertainment group known as Talent X. This venture led him to subsequently sign a contract with Warner Records and became the first artist to sign with his company Talent X in July 2020. ReKTGlobal, a gaming and esports media company recently announced it has acquired Talent X.

Ani Energy

Bryce Hall and Josh Richards launched an energy drink company in 2020 to compete with the widely popular Bang Energy. The beverage company known as Ani Energy has been widely successful and recently has been spotted in ShopRites on the East Coast.

Sway House

The Sway House is a content conglomerate made up of several influencers, including Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, and Blake Gray. The LA-based group creates viral content together on the video-sharing social networking service dubbed Tik Tok.

CSO at Triller

Just having a huge following was not enough for Josh. The star is also an investor in the popular video social networking platform known as Triller. Along with being a stakeholder he also doubles as the chief strategy officer of the company.

Cross Check Studios

In a bid to further improve his portfolio, Richards and serial entrepreneur Michael Gruen teamed up with Mark Wahlberg’s Unrealistic Ideas production company to launch CrossCheck Studios, a production company aimed at curating Gen Z content.

Venture Capital Investing

Along with his massive portfolio of businesses Richards has also dabbled in venture capital investing. According to Axios, Josh has joined Remus Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm. Some of his recent investments include ReKT Global, Lendtable, Atmos, Versus Game, AON3D, Poppi, Chalk Messaging, Stir, and Humaning.

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