Zishan Manji Shares 5 Tips to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Scale Up Their E-Commerce Business

At the tender age of 14, while others scrambled through grade school or indulged in sports, Zishan Manji had already hit $100,000 dollars in sales on eBay and Amazon. By 18, he touched one million. Manji, popularly known as the “E-Commerce King,” has not looked back since then. In the last 4 years, he’s clocked more than seven million in sales from his Shopify stores.

Here, Manji shares five key tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to scale up their e-commerce enterprise. Let’s delve.

Grab the Low-Hanging Fruit

Manji advises milking opportunities at hand before going for the big things. He shares, “When people tend to use, I tend to sell,” He foresaw the vaporizer trend before it became a thing. Everything has multiple chances to become a trend. Vaporizers came out decades ago; people were already marketing it on their YouTube channels. He knew it would become big.

Think Ahead of Time

Look to others who are already doing the same thing. Manji learned more about selling online from other sellers already out there, adding that he learned from their mistakes. He also emphasizes on looking for future trends, explaining, “I sold vapes before the trend. Vapes have always been a thing. Before the trend took off on eBay, I ordered 100 vaporizers ahead of time because I knew it was going to be a booming online product. I sold my entire inventory in a flash! Let your intuition guide you.”

Start Local Before Going Global

In his teens, Manji began diversifying in various online products in whatever he could afford. Today, he has established himself as an accomplished dropshipper with extensive knowledge about the nuances of the e-commerce business.  Manji also spends his time building brands online and helping them amplify their visibility and reach. He firmly believes in scaling up gradually and building sustainable business models. His talent and dedication has helped him cater to a global audience today.

Stay on Top of Your Site

Your site is the first point of contact for many customers and first impressions matter. Manji insisted on keeping his website free of grammatical errors, high resolution images, superb functionality, and it must be user-friendly. Otherwise, customers will simply drop out and visit another site. To make a sale you need to see this 50/50 ratio split. 50% of the sale relies on the website and the other 50% relies on how you market it. If you can do both, everyone will always purchase. This is one of the most important things that took my 6 figure products to 7 figures every single time.


One major thing that prevents many people from scaling is that they don’t delegate. Manji shares, “Do you still sit around packing boxes and screening labels? Then let me familiarize you with a fulfillment service company. It stores your products for you. When a customer places an order, the company will do all the work from packaging, labeling, screening and even delivering the product to your customer’s doorstep.” This is important for those planning to scale in e-commerce.

Manji (@kingofecomm) is making millions selling products online. He’s an expert in Google and Facebook ads and offers one-on-one mentorships to individuals and businesses.

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