21 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Launching My Business and Platform

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Over the past decade, I’ve learned some lessons the only way I could: through experience, failures, and some big wins along the way. This is the price we pay for putting our dreams on blast and having the courage to step into life, business, and entrepreneurship.

The truth is: I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world — and hopefully you’ll find some value and perspective in these, too.

Let’s get started.

1You’re Not “One” Anything Away From the Mountain TopYou’re Thousands of Hours and Millions of Reps.

In a world where everyone is playing the short game, commit to the long game. This becomes your competitive advantage.

2Done Is Always Better Than Perfect When You’re StartingYou Can Figure Out Your Branding LaterLaunch!

You don’t need more time on your website, or perfecting your logo. Just get started…good enough, is good enough.

3Passion Isn’t EnoughIt’s the Ticket to the Gamebut You Must Become Ruthless With Skill Acquisition.

These days, everyone has passion: but if it’s not paired with real-world skills, it won’t matter.

4No Amount of Growth and Results Will Hold a Candle to Doing the Inner Work.

You can get all the external markers of success…but if you’re unfulfilled during the process, it’s going to feel like an empty win.

5Don’t Compare Your Start to Someone Else’s Middle, Or Else You’ll Be Overwhelmed and Never Start.

Comparison will kill your enthusiasm and momentum. Instead, see it as proof you can do the same.

6The First Person You Have to SellSpeak toInspireand Captivate Is Yourself.

How can you expect anyone to buy into your brand, product, or service if you haven’t?

7Everything Will Take Much Longer Than ExpectedDeal With It.

This is part of the game: unexpected challenges and adversity will happen, and this is when most people quit.

8You Won’t Remember the Massive WinsYou’ll Remember Facing SelfDoubt Every Single Morning and Doing It Anyway.

The peaks are exciting, but you’ll remember the moments you stepped into your courage and exercised faith along the path.

9You Can Give Away All the Value in the Worldbut If You’re Not Open to ReceivingYou Won’t Create the Revenue You’re Capable Of.

I call this the “Myth of Value” — and it’s simply not true. You can be a giver, but if you’re not receiving…you’ll stay stuck.

10Your Money Mindset Must Be Worked on Over and OverWe All Have Financial Baggageand It Often Keeps Us Stuck.

The biggest roadblock is our emotional connection to money…and it either keeps us spinning our wheels or empowers us.

11Clarity Is a ProcessYou Only Need Some to Get StartedStop Using It as a Distraction Mechanism.

You don’t need to have every step of your path detailed out: you need the first few steps, and with action comes more clarity.

12Fall in Love With Marketing What You DeliverOtherwiseYou Can Be One of the Best in the Game and No One Will Ever Know.

Many entrepreneurs love their brand, product, or service, but not the marketing, influence, and persuasion of getting their business in front of their target audience. Without this, it’s never going to work.

13On That NoteIf You’re Having Trouble With Sales and MarketingYou’re Not Committed Enough Yet.

These are skills and should be treated as importantly as fulfilling your business: become the student in this area.

14Be Willing to Speak to an Audience of OneShow Up With Power for 2 People on the Webinarand 7 People at the Speech.

Everyone wants to be on stages, on the biggest podcasts, and dominating social media. What if you started with one person?

15The Hardest Part About Leveling Up Is Letting GoSometimesYou’ll Have to Discard What Worked (but Is Now Holding You Hostage).

What got you here…won’t get you there. This can be tough to see ourselves, which is where a coach or mentor helps to see our blind spots.

16Raise Your Personal StandardsEmbrace Your CraftFall in Love With Late Nightsand Early Mornings.

If you’re not following through consistently…it’s on you. Deepen your desire, get serious, and let your actions speak louder than your words.

17Stop Trying to Be DiscoveredInsteadBecome So Damn Good They Can’t Ignore You.

No one’s going to discover you and give you millions to fund your dream. Oprah’s done building careers…be the best in the marketplace.

18Work Ethic Is Importantbut So Is Time OffPlayand Spending Time Doing Things That Make You Forget About Your Work.

If you’re needing to “hustle” 16 hours a day, you’re likely distracted and lacking clarity around your big priorities.

20Hang Out With Believersand Those Who Respect You Enough That When You Declare Your DreamsThey Say, “That’s It?”

We’ve heard this before: we become who we hang around. Examine your circle: are they really celebrating your success and holding you to your word? If not…it’s time to find a new circle.

21The Biggest Way to Grow Your Business Is to Grow Yourself.

Everyone wants to get the latest marketing tactic or strategy to explode their business. Sure, these work…but when you grow yourself, every part of your business grows, too.

Which Connected With You?

These are some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as I reflect back on nearly a decade in entrepreneurship and personal growth. It’s been a wild ride, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

If this connected with you, my brand new book, The Leap of Your Life: How to Redefine Risk, Quit Waiting For ‘Someday,’ and Live Boldly, was designed to help you make your next bold decision, overcome fear, and never wake up with regret.

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