Animoca’s Mocaverse Announces Brian D. Evans Joined as a Connector Moca

Brian D. Evans, Mocaverse

Mocas are creative creatures that reside in the Mocaverse, by Animoca Brands. According to Moca lore, an inexorable expansion of space caused the Mocas to disconnect. While they continued to develop technologies to advance their realms, space and time left a gap between them. These Dreamers, Builders, Angels, Connectors, and Neo-Capitalists longed to work together. Mocas have always known, “the real magic happens when everyone unites for a greater purpose.” They needed champions, no, superheroes, to help bridge the divide.  But who could accomplish this herculean task? Who had the skills to build bridges efficiently?

Lore aside, Moca’s are soon likely to be associated with the who’s who of web3. Mocaverse recently announced that Brian D. Evans, serial entrepreneur and Web3 investor, recently joined as a Connector Moca. 

But what does a ‘Connector Moca’ do? The name is on the tin. ‘Connector Mocas’ like Brian, will serve Animocas Web3 community by helping builders, creators, and dreamers find the network, talent, and resources they need to make big things happen.

Brian has paved the way for many industries to onboard and adapt to Web3. An eCommerce giant and top digital marketer, Brian has launched more companies than we can mention in one article. His online advertising, marketing, and consulting agency made the Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list. 

The Next Crypto Gem,” host is also a published writer in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, RollingStone, and more. This Swiss MBA holder and one of the “most influential millennial entrepreneurs” according to Inc. Magazine, might be just what the Mocas were searching for. As a founding member of, an exclusive Web3 mastermind group, Brian is no stranger to serving as a ‘Connector.’  

Brian also founded Influencive, and our focus on innovation in Web3 is a direct result of his desire to contribute to and advance the space. His membership in the Cointelegraph innovation circle should also help him accomplish the task of being a successful Connector Moca. 

Not only does Brian have the ability and connections to Network with the Web3 giants, but he has also proven to embody the Moca values. Their vision is to embrace the ethos of Animoca Brands: “advancing the open metaverse, digital asset ownership, and creator support.”

Brian has a knack for identifying early opportunities in Web3, where he has been immersed since 2016. His investing company, BDE Ventures, advises, invests, incubates, and networks their portfolio of Web3 companies.

Brian has developed the skills of a super-connector, long before joining Mocaverse. Now a Connector Moca, Brian will bring his networking drive to the Mocaverse ecosystem to help create massive growth and cultivate innovation.  His ability to curate communities and resources will now be harnessed to reconnect these creative creatures we will all soon recognize. Long-live the Mocas!



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