Are “High-Ticket Masterminds” Really Worth It?

If you have been involved in an online business long enough, you will have certainly been asked to be a part of a mastermind group in some way. The concept stems from the iconic “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, and has evolved with the digital age to provide some very unique opportunities to connect with some of the most influential people on earth.

Over the last 3 years, I have invested tens of thousands into private mastermind groups and hosted an event of my own in Hollywood. They have all been quite unique, and some of them even profound and life-changing experiences

I recently returned from a private island in Croatia where I attended The Baby Bathwater Institute’s first international event. It is a highly curated and intimate group of strictly high-performing entrepreneurs and change-makers. I have been a member of Baby Bathwater for over 3 years, and this was my fourth event with the group.  

My first experience provided such a massive ROI for my business and for myself personally that it created an addiction to the world of high-ticket masterminds (although they hate to call themselves that).

I started to wonder if I was alone in this experience, or if this was really worth it for everyone else who attended, so I asked around on the island to some of the distinguished guests about their experience. Through their replies, I came up with 7 unanimous benefits to high-ticket mastermind experience:


I would like to kick this one off…My experience with this community has been profound. I have become a part of a tribe of highly successful, uniquely bootstrapping, high performing entrepreneurs that want to see me be happy, healthy, and successful.

The most unique example of how much being a part of this community means would be with the sudden death of my father. I was at a Baby Bathwater event in Utah in September when I learned my father had fallen ill and rapidly passed away. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I were at a normal conference or event.

Having this tightly knit community of amazing people around me helped me get through the tough 24 hours until I could get my flight back home. It was the equivalent in many ways of being with my family. They also helped me get back on my feet and ensure my businesses stayed on track.


Your network is your net-worth…This is a seriously over-used adage, but it couldn’t be truer. “The connections that I made at this event are not only people who have made immediate impacts on my business, but are people who I will consider close friends for the rest of my life”.  Explained Jeff Cayley, Founder of Worldwide Cyclery. “If I were to only know the people in this highly curated group, I would literally have all of the connections I need to be successful in business and life”.


“At this point in my career, I feel like I don’t really get much out of the content at most masterminds. I know what to do to grow my business. It’s just a matter of doing. But at BBW you never know which speaker is gonna blow your mind and make a huge difference in your business. For example, Tom Breeze’s talk about YouTube ads is going to create a whole new traffic source and revenue stream for us that could transform our business. That’s worth a whole lot of money to me.” Said Ian Stanley, Founder of LionHeart Workshops

Authentic & Honest Friendships

“When I go to these events, I know that I can relate to the other attendees on just how hard it is to run a business. Sometimes, I think we as entrepreneurs are labeled as people who are always winning and never struggle, and some of that is even a result of posting only the positive things on social media more than the tough times.” Said Roy Morejon, President of Enventys Partners

“Being with a group like this, I can be my authentic self and have conversations about business and not gloss over the ugly parts, and make friends with people on a level that I don’t always have back home with my friends. There’s something to be said about having dinner with someone running a $100M company and hearing them admit that they are still just figuring it out as they go.”


“Intimate masterminds like this are where I find my key cheerleaders. People who are going to not only push me to achieve my goals but actively link me with people who can help me get there. It is one thing to set goals and objectives, but it is another thing to have a squad behind you charging towards that.” Says Catherine Howell, CEO of Eight Loop Social

“People who have goals and ambitions that are just as big as yours, so they know how scary and rocky the road can get. These folks make me want to be the best version of myself, to really get stuff done, and aren’t afraid to tell me if I am deviating from my potential when I need to hear it.”


“As someone with a very young business, I was pretty terrified of making this kind of investment.” Explained Jaymie Friesen, CEO of Natural Vegan. “I’ve learned easily 5 massive wins and met 5 key people that will make the ROI on this event in the thousands of percent. I basically forced myself to commit to a new level of operating and thrust myself into a much bigger pond than I have ever swum in. As soon as I got into this pond, the growth and networking made the ROI instantaneous.

Giving Back

“Entrepreneurs are problem solvers; we thrive on helping people. This is why I love coming to mastermind events. I can share some of my secret sauce with people that can truly benefit from it, whilst taking in some of the wisdom that they have learned by doing.” Explained Ron Lynch, Co-Founder of Big Baby Agency.

I think we all make a lot of mistakes, and it’s so incredibly rewarding to be able to share my mistakes with someone and make those hard lessons a lot more worthwhile for both sides. After 20 years, I still learn more and more, and today the landscape changes so fast I want to live between the horizons and never over the last one.”

SoAre They Worth It?

There are many mastermind groups out there and a handful of really incredible and exclusive ones like Baby Bathwater Institute. If any of the above testimonials sound like the kind of results you’d like to get, I would recommend you start asking around and getting referrals to groups that have been really helpful to your most trusted mentors and connections.

The best events are ones that you will have to apply for, and in the interview, it should become apparent if the fit is right or not. When you make the commitment to attending an event like this, I know that you will be rewarded in multiples, especially if you come to the event willing to share your biggest failures, unique gifts, and diverse experiences with others. Maybe I will see you at one of these events soon, even the next Baby Bathwater Institute event in September!


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